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1915 Index to Marriages of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

1915 Index to Marriages of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico. It is listed by alphabetical order by groom’s name.

Cut out of original images:

1915 Mier Marriages pg 297_cropped 1915 Mier Marriages pg 298_cropped
Transcription of above images:
Numo. Yndice
Actas				Numero de fojas
7	Alfredo Sandoval		4	Ofelia Garza
11	Avelino Guerra			6	Rafael Ramirez
16	Albino Ramirez			9	Ricarda Saenz
24	Alfredo Saenz			13	Yrene Hinojosa
28	Asuncion Reyes		        15	Quirina Olivo
55	Ascencio Garcia		        30	Dolores Martinez
12	Donaciano Perez		        6	Ma. Florentina Garcia
35	Estanislao Gomez		19	Ygnacio Garcia
8	Evaristo Gonzalez		4	Delfina Gonzalez
40	Emilio Molina			22	Tomasa Garcia
65	Eustacio Salinas		35	Victoria Garza
21	Felix Barrera			12	Fidela Garza
34	Febranio Canales		18	Encarnacion Garza
37	Felix [?]			28	Matiana Lopez
38	Guillermo Alaniz		21	Guadalupe Solis
3	Jasinto Vasquez		        2	Juana Gonzalez
31	Jesus Garcia Lopez		17	Francisca Garcia
37	Jose Zambrano			32	Felicitas Fuentes
20	Leocadio Hinojosa		11	Manuela Hinojosa
26	Marcela Alanis			14	Estefana Flores
46	Manuel Aguilar			26	Balbina Garcia
44	Severo Garza			25	Tomasa Vela
51	Santana Garcia			29	Santos Gonzalez
1	Silvano Torrez Gracia		1	Guillerma Guerra
17	Teodoro Torrez		        16	Mauricia Vela
64	Zeferino Pena			35	Manuela Barrera
C. Mier a 31 de Diciembre de 1915
El Juez Civil = Jose Barrera Guerra
Source: FamilySearch

The Spanish American Genealogical Association, A Great Resource

saga logoJust wanted to let you know about SAGA “Spanish American Genealogical Association” they are based out of Corpus Christi, Texas and you can visit their website here .

Why am I talking about SAGA? I am talking about SAGA because it is one of the few organizations that have written many index books about church marriage, birth, and death records. Thus making them available for sale on their website and you can also find their books in many libraries. I have used their books many times to break some brick walls.

This is their mission statement:

“The object of the Spanish American Genealogical Association shall be that of creating and maintaining an organization for the promotion of research, collection, and development of genealogical data of the earliest Spanish and Mexican settlers of Texas. The Association’s goal is to conduct research, obtain collections, and develop resources (computerization of data) of genealogical data and to make them available to its membership, as well as to the south Texas community by housing said materials in libraries and archives.”

I think their mission statement states what they do very accurately.

They have books about:

  1. Camargo, Tamaulipas
  2. Guerrero, Tamaulipas
  3. Mier, Tamaulipas
  4. Matamoros, Tamaulipas
  5. Agualeguas, Nuevo Leon
  6. Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon
  7. Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon
  8. Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon
  9. Vallecillo, Nuevo Leon

Only about three of the above are indexed by FamilySearch so as you can see the value of these books when it comes to genealogical research is immense. Just wish I could afford to buy all of them.

You can check out their list of books available or order here:


Stakeholder 2012 Genealogy Year End Report – Email From Crispin Rendon

I received the following email from Crispin Rendon yesterday.

This email is going out to the 459 people found in my genealogy address book (stakeholders).

Stakeholder 2012 Genealogy Year End Report,

 The database has grown to over 271,000 records, up 33,000 records from the year 2011. Over 600 records, on average, were added weekly. Some of these records came from the research required to complete the sixteen volume series on the Families of General Teran, Nuevo Leon. That series blossomed into an attempt to create genealogies for every one of the thousands of couples that were married in the General Teran Catholic Church for a period of over 100 years.  The research for the published three volume Families of Santiago, Nuevo Leon series and the research for the yet to be published nine volume series Families of Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon account for the bulk of the records added.  Additional database records came from family trees submitted in return for ancestor reports. Those reports ranged in size from a three page 4-generation report to a 543 page 48-generation book. The number of ancestor reports rose from 59 in 2011 to 80 in 2012. Some ancestor books were converted from English into Spanish. One ancestor book was created for my Kindle reader. Not quantified, yet very important, are the countless corrections to the records some of which extended lines, others shortened lines and still others re-routed them. The introduction of my Top 20 mtDNA list was a huge success. Expect a similar list for y-DNA sometime in 2013.

 I am thinking of converting the Slaves of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico book, which is in a pdf format, into a Kindle reader format and am interested in learning if there is any interest for it. If you read books with an electronic device other then a computer let me know what you think.

 Thank you all for your support.

Best Regards,

Crispin Rendon

If interested you can download all of Crispin’s books on one of my previous posts DNA and Genealogical Books-Reports. Can’t wait for him to publish Families of Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon. Keep up the excellent work Mr. Rendon!

Diego Rodriguez de Montemayor, 1676 Church Death Record, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The following is the 1676 Church Death Record, transcription, and English translation for my 8th great grandfather Diego Rodriguez de Montemayor. He was married to Ines de la Garza. This document indicates that he was buried in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. It also indicates that his father was Miguel de Montemayor. His son Francisco my 7th great grandfather is also listed as an “albecea” wich means as one of the executors of his will. I have yet to find his will. He is also the great grandson of Diego de Montemayor.

Cut out of original image:

Diego Rodriguez de Montemayor, FamilySearch, Monterrey, Church Death Record, Pg. 14.jpg

See Original

Transcript of above image:

Diego Rodrigues de Mte.maior espanol

En tres de Mayo de mil y seiscientos y setenta y seis anos, murio el Capan. Diego Rodriguez de Montemaior espanol, fu Sassado Con Ynes de la Garza, Confesso y resivio Los Stos. Sacramentos de la Eucharistia y extremauncion; testo ante el Capan. Gregorio Fernandez Alcalde ordinario de esta Ciudad y mando enterrar en la Parrochial desta esta ciudad con missa de cuerpo presente y un novenario de missas cantadas = veinte missas rezadas, en el Convento de esta ciudad por el alma de los naturales, que an muerto en su convielo, Diez missas resadas porel alma de Miguel de Mte.maior supadre, y a dos Reales a las madres forsosas = fueron sus albaceas Franco. Rodriguez y Diego Rodriguez. y para que Conste Lo firme. =

F. Joseph Guaxardo

English Translation of Above transcript:

Spanish Mte.maior Diego Rodrigues

On May 3 of one thousand and six hundred and seventy-six years, died Capan. Diego Rodriguez de Montemaior Spanish, whom was married With Ynes de la Garza, He confessed and received the Holy Sacraments of the eucharist and Extreme Unction; made a will before the Captain. Gregorio Fernandez ordinary Mayor of this city and commanded to be buried in the Parrochial of this city with mass with present body and ninety sung masses = twenty prayed masses, in the Convent of this city for the souls of the natives, who died in his convielo, Ten prayed Masses for the soul of Miguel de Mte.maior his father , and two Reales to the mothers forsosas = his executors were Franco. Rodriguez and Diego Rodriguez. and to make it known I sign. =

F. Joseph Guaxardo

I know that the above translation has errors but I did the best I could. Also there ae some words that I have no idea what they mean so I just left them alone.


1922 Birth Index of Los Aldamas, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

1922 Birth Index of Los Aldamas, Nuevo Leon, Mexico in lists by male and female and in alphabetical order.

Cut out of original Image:
1922 Birth Index of Los Aldamas Nuevo Leon Mexico pg 681-mod1 1922 Birth Index of Los Aldamas Nuevo Leon Mexico pg 681-mod2 1922 Birth Index of Los Aldamas Nuevo Leon Mexico pg 681-mod3
 FamilySearch > Mexico, Nuevo León, Civil Registration, 1859-1962 >
Transcription of above image:
Num	Foja	Folio	Hombres		Num	Foja	Letra	Mujeres
4	3	A	Amado Garza		13	6	A	Alicia Lopez
12	6		Arnulfo M. Gonzalez	17	8		Andrea Leal
42	18		Alejandro Alanis	46	19		Angelina Gonzalez
55	23		Adan Garza		83	39		Alicia Amaro
56	23		Antonio Lopez		100	39		Amparo Vera
66	27		Abel Rodriguez		107	41		Antonia Lopez
96	38		Ascencio Garza	        116	43		Alicia Cantu
109	41		Angel Pena		19	9	B	Benita Vera
75	30	B	Baudilio Pena		10	5	C	Corina Alanis
48	20	C	Celestino Rios		7	4	D	Dominga Salinas
65	26		Carlos Gonzalez	        44	18		Dominga Trevino
71	29		Cipriano Rios		118	44		Dominga Leal
26	11	D	David Vera		119	44		Dora Salinas
29	13		Domingo Garcia	        23	10	E	Eulalia Cantu
36	15		Domingo Barrera	        52	22		Elia Cepeda
43	18		Daniel Clinaco Garcia	91	36		Elida Garcia
47	20		Domingo Gonzalez	5	3	G	Guillerma Mendoza
67	27		Donaciano Cantu	        101	39		Guadalupe Olivares
94	37		David Carrillo		39	17	H	Herlinda Garcia
31	13	E	Eleuterio Cantu		78	31		Hipolita Garcia
37	16		Eliberto Salinas	97	38		Horalia Cantu
40	17		Eustacio Rios		105	40		Hortencia Martinez
41	17		Eustacio Garcia		11	6	J	Juana Alanis
54	22		Eugenio Leal		34	15		Juana Lopez
68	27		Enrique Tanguma	        58	24		Juliana Pena
77	31		Enrique Pena		3	2	M	Magdalena Espinoza
59	24	F	Feliciano Gutierrez	8	4		Matiana Hinojosa
73	29		Francisco Martinez	21	9		Mariana Perez
108	41		Francisco Salinas	22	10		Madrona Sepulveda
25	11		Francisco Garcia	33	14		Maria Vera
1	2	G	Guadalupe Barreira	61	25		Maria del Socorro Graciela Elizondo
2	2		Guadalupe Garcia	64	26		Manuela Lopez
16	7		Gustavo Salinas	        81	32		Maria del Refugio Martinez
79	32		Guadalupe Pulido	93	37		Micaela Martinez
80	32		Gabriel Salinas		99	38		Maria Aguilar
114	43		Gustavo Alanis		106	41		Mariana Garcia
18	8	J	Jose Garza Leal	        112	42		Maria Esparza
30	13		Jose Garza		113	42		Matilde Gonzalez
45	19		Jose Perez		117	43		Maria Martinez
63	26		Jose Barrios		120 	44		Manuela Pena
70	28		Juan Garcia		115	43	N	Natividad Rios
76	31		Jesus Hernandez	        50	21	P	Piedad Garcia
90	36		Jose Angel Carrillo	62	25	R	Rosa Aguilar
98	38		Jose Rodriguez		72	29		Rosenda Sanchez
111	42		Juan Manrique		85	34		Rosalia Garcia
15	7	M	Margarito Mireles	51	21	S	Sanjuana Trevino
28	12		Manuel Gutierrez	89	35		Sara Chavana
49	20		Maclovio Perez		57	23	T	Trinidad Garcia
35	15	N	Narciso Gonzalez	86	34		Trinidad Garcia Garcia
95	37		Noe Gonzalez		103	40	Z	Zaragoza Garcia
20	9	O	Olegario Lopez
24	11		Olegario Cantu
82	33		Oscar Trevino
6	4	P	Pablo Tanguma
9	5	R	Ruben Garcia
32	14		Raymundo Pena
38	16		Ricardo Pena
60	25		Reynaldo Leal
69	28		Rafael Martinez
84	33		Roman Gonzalez
102	39		Rosendo Pena
88	35	S	Santos Lopez
104	40		Santos Salinas
53	22	T	Trinidad Pena
92	36		Tomas Cavazos
110	42		Trinidad Ramirez
74	30	V	Virgilio Enrique Hinojosa
87	34		Virgilio Gonzalez
27	12		Vidal Garza
14	7	Z	Zeferino Trevino
Los Aldamas Diciembre 31 de 1922
Luciano Pena Garza
Source: FamilySearch