Francisco Perez and Paula Contreras, 1911 Marriage in Starr County, Texas

The following is the 1911 marriage record for my wife’s great grandparents, Jose Francisco Perez and Paula Contreras. I think I am spoiled by Mexican records but I sure was expecting a lot more of information on Texas marriage records. It does not list the parents, where they were from, and their ages. Is there any other records to supplement this marriage record or is this it? I only  know whom their parents were since they are listed on their Death Certificate. Paula and Francisco were only married for ten years since she died in 1921 from a snake byte.

Marriage Record

Francisco Perez and Paula Contreras, UTPA, Starr, 1911, Film 1016453.jpg

Copy from the University of Texas Pan American, Edinburg, Texas Microfilm #1016453

Transcript of above image:


The State of Texas,
County of Starr

To any Regularly Licensed or Ordained Minister of thje Gospel, Jewish Rabbi, Judge of the District or County Court, or any Justice of the Peace in and for Starr County, Texas – GREETING:

YOU ARE HEREBY AUTHORIZED TO CELEBRATE THE RITES OF MATRIMONY Between Mr. Francisco Perez and Miss Paula Contreras and make due return to the Clerk of the County Court of said County within sixty days thereafter, certifying your action under this License. WITNESS MY OFFICIAL SIGNATURE AND SEAL OF OFFICE, At office in Rio Grande City the 23rd day of May A. D. 1911 E. Salinas [ L. S. ] Clerk County Starr County, Texas, By Deputy.

I Transito Villarreal J. P. , certify that on the 24 day of May A. D. 1911 I united in Marriage Mr. Francisco Perez and Miss Paula Contreras the parties above named. WITNESS MY HAND This 25 day of May A. D. 1911 Transito Vilalrreal J. P. Prect No 7. Starr County Texas .

RETURNED AND FILED FOR RECORD The 26th day of May A. D. 1911 , and recorded the 26th day of May A. D. 1911 E. Salinas, County Clerk By Deputy

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