by Moises Garza

January 26, 2021

Matamoros: The Early Settlers and Their Descendants
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This 275-page book contains the names and the descendants of the first fourteen families to settle in the area that later on became Matamoros, Tamaulipas.

Historical accounts say that in 1774 twelve settlers from Camargo and one from
Reynosa decided to establish their ranches in the area that later on became Matamoros. I have also included the family of Matias Longoria since he is also mentioned in a record dated with the year of 1785.

These settlers established ranches in land that belonged to the casa de Urizar and
subsequently were sued. Captain Ignacio Anastacio Ayala was the “apoderado” of the settlers and in charge of defending them with the Audencia de Mexico. The result, was that the land was partitioned into "sitios" (land parcels) and the early settlers bought 113 "sitios" from the casa de Urizar in 1784.

Getting the names of the first settlers was a difficult task. There was no record
mentioning their names that also included the names of their wives. I could not locate a book that mentioned them with certainty and citations to primary records.
The methodology I used was to make a list with the names of the men that bought
"sitios" and are mentioned in the 1784 and 1785 transcribed land documents by D.
Martin Rodriguez Arellano and found on his book “Breve Historia de Historia de
Matamoros Durante el Virreinato (1689-1793)”. The problem with this was that the
wives are not mentioned in the 1784 and 1785 documents. Fortunately for us the names of the ranches were mentioned and served as additional clues. I then researched their genealogies. Finally, I used Raul Longoria’s database to pinpoint the correct families. His information is very accurate and well sourced. 

Keep in mind, this book as all my others are only tools to help you build your tree. Once you discover a death date, baptism date, and or marriage date get a copy of the original. It is very rewarding to do so and you will learn more details about your ancestors.

Also, this book does not include every descendant of theirs since that is impossible, it only includes the ones that I have identified through documents, reliable published, and unpublished works until the date of publication.

Cover of, Matamoros: The Early Settlers and Their Descendants

Description of, Matamoros: The Early Settlers and Their Descendants

This 275-page book contains the names and the descendants of the first fourteen families to settle in the area that later on became Matamoros, Tamaulipas.

"This 275-page book contains the names and the descendants of the first fourteen families to settle in the area that later on became Matamoros, Tamaulipas".

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Table of Contents

Here is the table of contents so that you can see what is included in the book.

Introduction i
Chapter 1 Ignacio Anastacio de Ayala and Maria Josefa de Treviño Pg. 1
Chapter 2 Juan Jose Antonio Cisneros and Maria Antonia Guajardo Pg. 5
Chapter 3 Jose Miguel Chapa and Rosa Maria Treviño Pg. 35
Chapter 4 Jose Santiago Longoria and Ana Maria Hinojosa Pg. 49
Chapter 5 Jose Antonio de la Garza Falcon and Maria Leonor Mendez Pg. 63
Chapter 6 Joseph Antonio de la Garza and Maria Salome de Sepulveda Pg. 69
Chapter 7 Luis Antonio Garcia Rodriguez and Maria Josefa Rosalia
                   Santos de la Garza Pg. 85
Chapter 8 Joseph Ramon Longoria and Maria Josefa Gonzalez Pg. 99
Chapter 9 Jose Marcelino Longoria and Maria Antonia Francisca Serna Pg. 119
Chapter 10 Jose Hilario de Hinojosa and Maria Catarina Garcia Pg. 143
Chapter 11 Juan Jose Solis and Maria Gertrudis Hinojosa Pg. 157
Chapter 12 Jose Nicolas Vela and Maria Regina Garcia Pg. 177
Chapter 13 Jose Antonio Cavazos and Gertrudis Cantu Pg. 193
Chapter 14 Jose Matias Longoria and Maria Margarita Hinojosa Pg. 199
Index Pg. 243

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  1. Hola,

    Y disculpe la pregunta pero yo soy la hija de el Duque Lázaro Jose Matamoros Borbon Savoy.
    Mi padre nació en April 14, 1933, de padres Duque Lázaro Maria Matamoros Borbon en España, Galicia, mi abuela La Condesa Josefa Maribel Savoy Boulouge de España y Francia.
    Mi madre era la princesa Astrid Martha de Ingeborg Norguega.

    Yo soy la hija de Lázaro Maria Matamoros
    Borbon, la Duquesa Infanta Dulce Maria Matamoros Savoy Ingeborg Romanov, MS, PhD.
    No se como el pueblo Matamoros de Méjico adapto el apellido de mi padre. No hay escritura que mi padre residió en Méjico no hay constancia que alguien de mi familia tiene tierra o conquistó Méjico.

    Me gustaría saber cómo el pueblo tiene ese nombre. Yo sé que en Galicia hay un pueblo de Matamoros y en Francia de los Boulouge de Mer.

    Mil gracias por su atención.
    Duquesa Dulce Maria de Matamoros Savoy Boulouge y Ingeborg.

    1. Hola Dulce,

      En 1826, el gobernador, de Tamaulipas, Mexico, Lucas Fernández envió un decreto para cambiar el nombre de la ciudad a Matamoros, en honor a Mariano Matamoros, héroe de la Guerra de Independencia de México que participó junto a José María Morelos.

      Espero que esto contete su pregunta.

      Moises Garza

  2. I am looking for my grandmother's sisters who were supposedly sent to an dian and his mother being a orphanage after their mother died. My great grandfather married an Indian. His mother being a spainard wanted nothing to do with his children. All I know is the last name of Rojas in the Guanajuato region.

  3. Have you traced, with records, Juan Diego Longoria Garcia's mother's line (augustina Garcia) to Portugal on her father's, father's father's side? I need to connect the Longoria line to the sephardic jews of Portugal, with records… in order to get a certificate from the Jewish community of Portugal.

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