A Brief History of the Lower Rio Grande Valley

A Brief History of the Lower Rio Grande Valley

These past few days I have been enjoying the book A Brief History of the Lower Rio Grande Valley and coming across a lot of familiar names from my genealogy research.

What is also so interesting to me is that the author Frank Cushman Pierce was an avid genealogist who collected a great deal of information pertaining to Mier, Camargo, and Reynosa.

I have personally used some of the collections that he collected and are now under the care of the Brownsville Historical Association.

As I was saying, lately I have been more and more interested in reading about Northeastern Mexico and South Texas. I want to get a glimpse as to the political and way of life that our ancestors may have experienced in this region.

This book provides a glimpse into that past. Specially if you have ancestors that lived in the border region anywhere from Matamoros to Laredo. For us genealogists, it provides a great many deal of stories connected to names that you may be researching.

The book is no longer under copyright and you can download a FREE copy of it using button below. Some printed copies are available on Amazon and I have also added a link for your convenience in case that you want to buy one.

Cover of A Brief History of the Lower Rio Grande Valley

If you have any issues landowning the FREE eBook using the button above try this link instead. https://archive.org/details/briefhistoryoflo00pier_0/page/n11

Buy Your Printed Copy of This Book

The best place to get a printed copy this book is on Amazon and if you have Amazon prime it can be at your door step in two days. Buy on Amazon

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