1690 Death Record of Maria Mayor de Renteria

1690 Death Record of Maria Mayor de Renteria

This is the August 7, 1690 death record of Maria Mayor de Renteria, my 9th great grandmother,  who died in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. 

She was married to Alonzo de Trevino. From other sources we know that her parents are Gonzalo Fernandez de Castro and Maria Rodriguez. She adopted the last name of her paternal grandmother.

As you can see this record is badly damaged and the date can not be verified but it is in the middle of chronological dates and helped locate the record. Maybe if we saw the original record we could really see the date.

I am a descendant of her through two of her daughters; Maria de Trevino Renteria and Clara de Trevino Renteria.

Below is the best that I could do to transcribe the damaged record.

Transcription of The Death Record of Maria Mayor de Renteria

Mayor de

En [ink stained] murio D. Mayor de Renteria se enterro en [torn]
Parr[ink stained] le dixo [stained] vigilia y misa de cuerpo prese [torn]
[ink stained] so de tre [stained] Testo ante el cappn. Diego de [torn]
[ink stained] Vall[stained] linas.

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If  she is also one of your ancestors please let me know how you are related to her in the comments of this blog post.

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8 thoughts on “1690 Death Record of Maria Mayor de Renteria

  1. Amira E. Mejia

    She was my 8th great grandmother. I have just the same information you have. I have her grandmother’s parents as Captain Diego Rodriguez and Sebastiana Treviño Quintanilla.

  2. Rosalinda Grajeda

    Regarding Maria Mayor de Renteria, your 9th great-grandmother. Her sister Clara de Renteria is my 9th great-grandmother, she married Jacinto Garcia de Sepulveda. I’m new at this DNA matching but I’m beginning to believe that we are all connected.

  3. Laurie

    She is my 8th great grandmother and another of Alonso’s wives, Anastacia Gonzalez Hidalgo Navarro is my 9th great grandmother.

  4. Enos L Flores

    Maria Mayor is the sister of Pedro de la Garza [half], Clara de Rentería and Diego Fernández de Castro. Diego Fernandez de Castro is my 9th great grandfather. He was married to María de la Cerda aka de la Cerda Porcallo. She is the daughter of Bernardo de los Santos Coy and Inés de la Cerda. Enos is Mayor’s 9th great grand nephew. That’s what I have in my family tree.

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