by Moises Garza

March 5, 2024

1837 Marriage of Jose Tomas Perez and Maria Francisca de Ayala
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

The following is the marriage of my wife’s 3rd great-grandparents Jose Tomas Perez and Maria Francisca de Ayala who married in 1837 in Valle De La Mota, present-day General Teran, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

It is an interesting document since it mentions that Tomas was from the city of Monterrey and that he was the widow of Juliana Maldonado. The record also states that Maria Francisca was the widow of Nicolas Cantu.

If anyone has more information on them please let me know. Also, I did my best transcribing the document since as you can tell it is kind of hard to see the letters. You can see the image used for transcription here.

Transcript of 1837 Marriage of Jose Tomas Perez and Maria Francisca de Ayala

Sbre 25 Tomas Perez Con Franca. Ayala

En esta Parroqal. del valle de la Mota en veinte y sinco de Sbre. de 1837 Yo el Cura Ynto. de Esta. Va. leidas las tres moniciones conciliars. inter misarum seolemnias, en tres dias fests. que lo fueron el 8, 10, y 17 de Sbre. Case infacie Ecc. a Tomas Peres, origo. de la Ciudad de Monterrey, vecino de esta Va. de la Mota y viudo en 1as N. de Juliana Maldonado sepultada en a referida Ciudad de Monterrey ha esto de dos anos, Con Ma. Franca. de Ayala de esta misma vecindad, y viuda en 1as N. de Nicolas Cantu Sepultado en este campo santo ha esto de 3 as. y seis ms. fueron sus testigs. lucas Rodrigs. y Luis de Ayala lo qal. pa. consta. firmo. Juan Leal Saens

Chart With Jose Tomas Perez and Maria Francisca de Ayala Parents

Chart With Jose Tomas Perez and Maria Francisca de Ayala Parents

From all of their parents, I only have parents for Joseph Andres de Ayala. The rest are dead ends in my research and I continue to search for them.

For Descendants

You can find many generations of descendants for Tomas and Francisca on the Las Villas del Norte Genealogy Database for South Texas and Northeastern Mexico here:


  • “México, Nuevo León, registros parroquiales, 1667-1981,” database with images, FamilySearch ( : 9 December 2020), General Terán > Nuestra Señora de la Soledad > Matrimonios 1809-1940 > image 256 of 1182; Parroquias de la Iglesia Católica, Nuevo León (Catholic Church parishes, Nuevo León).

Note: First published on Feb 6, 2013, and last updated on Mar 5, 2024

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