by Moises Garza

January 31, 2019

Villarreal Last Names of Nuevo Leon
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

A very popular last name out there is that of Villarreal and today I want to tell you about my latest book that focuses on this last name. It is titled "Villarreal" and is part of my book series Last Names of Nuevo Leon.

I became interest on this last name when I discovered that my wife's maternal grandmother was a Villarreal. Her paternal line goes all the way back to Diego de Villarreal and Beatriz de las Casas.

Diego is considered to be the progenitor of the Villarreal last name in Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, and South Texas. Of course his descendants are nowadays all over the world.

On various published sources it is mentioned that Diego came from San Miguel el Grande. I assume that it is San Miguel el Grande, Guanajuato Mexico but I am not certain.

Betris de las Casas is the daughter of Bernabe de las Casas and Beatriz Navarro.

This book is about nine generations of their descendants and covers the time period of the 1600s through the middle 1900s. It is 265 pages and is full of genealogical information that includes sources for the facts listed.

Keep in mind, this book as all my others are only tools to help you build your tree. Once you discover a death date, baptism date, and or marriage date get a copy of the original. It is very rewarding to do so and you will learn more details about your ancestors.

Also this book does not include every descendant of theirs since that is impossible, it only includes the ones that I have identified through documents, reliable published, and unpublished works.

Cover of the Villarreal Book

Description of Villarreal Book by Amazon

This book contains nine generations of descendants of Diego de Villarreal and Beatriz de las Casas. By the early 1600s, the name of Diego starts to appear in documents preserved in the archives of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. He is considered the progenitor of the Villarreal last name in Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, and Texas.

"This book contains nine generations of descendants of Diego de Villarreal and Beatriz de las Casas".

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Table of Contents

Here is the table of contents so that you can see what is included in the book.

Introduction i

Descendants of Diego de Villarreal and Beatriz de las Casas Nine Generations Pg. 1

Sources Pg. 176

Index of Individuals Pg. 219

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Website for the Book Series Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This year I plan to publish books for the most popular last names of Nuevo leon like the Garza, Trevino, Chapa, de Leon, Hinojosa, and many others. To show case and to keep all of them together I created a website titled Last Names of Nuevo Leon and the URL is this one: in case that you want to visit it.

I will be posting coming soon books there and posting them as they become available.

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  1. Moises, I just ordered your book. I have discovered that both my paternal great grandparents and and paternal great-great grandparents are or have Villarreals in the family. I have found records on LDS of possible connections that go back to Salvatierra, Leon, Guanajuato.

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