by Moises Garza

March 13, 2018

1726 Death Record of Francisco Baez de Treviño in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This is the October 28, 1726 death record of Francisco Baez de Treviño in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Francisco is my 8th great grandfather

This record also indicates that he was the widow of Catarina de Amaya. We also know her by the name of Catalina de Amaya.

It is interesting to note that this record indicates that he left a will. Also it states that he left corn to feed the poor and his clothes to cloth them. It is also stated that he left money for the education of the children of the college of San Xavier.

Through other records we know that his parents are Francisco de Treviño and Luisa Benavides. The parents of his wife are Juan de Treviño and Ana de Maya.

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Transcription of The Death Record of Francisco Baez de Treviño in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

Dn. Fran Baez treviño

En seis de Julio de mil setesientos y veynte y seis. enla Capilla de Señor
San Xavier de esta Ciudad di sepultura ecleciastica a Dn Franco Baes Treviño Vi
udo de Da. Catarina de Maya recivio todos los sacramtos hiso testamento
dejo missa de Cuerpo presente y vigilia tres novenarios cantados una en la
Parroquia, otro en Sn. Franco y otro en dcha capilla de Sn. Xavier la missa en
el altar del perdon de Mexico 1 peso a cada una de las mandas for
sosas; sinquenta fanegas de mais par los pobres, y la ropa de su uso
Sinquenta pesos para educcacion de los Niños en escuela en el dcho collegio
de Sn. Xavier, y no permaneciendo en dcha parte de esta ciudad; ala señ
ra del Nogal Renps., y paza dcho entierro deja a voluntad de sus alvasea
la demas pompa qe les parecieze, los quales mandaron se le hisieran
nos pasa, y parqe conste los firme =

Dn. Bartholome Molano

If  he is also one of your ancestors please let me know how you are related to him in the comments of this blog post.

Other Related Records of Interest

Here is the Death Record of the wife of Francisco: 1725 Death Record of Catharina de Maya in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico


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  1. Moises,
    I descend from his sister María Lucía or María Luisa de Treviño who m. Mateo Garcia de la Garza–son of the
    ex-comulgo Juan Lorenzo García. Garmendia Leal shows her being dau. of Catarina de los Santos and not as I
    had thought dau. of Lucia de Benavides. Can you clarify this for me.

  2. Muy Respetuosamente, pero considero que la Viuda de Francisco Baez Treviño era Chatarina Mayer no Amaya ni Maya, según yo alcanzo a dar lectura en el acta de referencia anteriormente mostrada…
    Y al final debe decir; los cuales mandaron se le hicieran 3 pesos, para que conste lo firme. D. B Molano.
    Atentamente. Francisco Melo S

  3. Hi Moises! Thank you for sharing. I have added this document to my tree. I very appreciate the translations you provide since I don’t speak Spanish. The information regarding the will was quite interesting. Francisco BAEZ DE TREVINO y BENAVIDES & Catarina DE TREVINO y DE AMAYA are my husband’s 7th great-grandparents. He descends through their daughter Maria Gertrudis.

  4. Hi! Just found out he is my 9th great grandfather. I never knew I had hispanic ancestors. This makes me very proud! Hello cousin!

  5. Mouses

    General Francisco Baez de Trevino is my 8th Great Uncle. Francisco Baez de Trevino Salazar is my 9th Grandfather! My 9th great mother is Catarina de Los Santos. Thank you for all the information you provide to assist us in building our tree. I guess we are first cousins 9 times removed!

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