by Moises Garza

February 5, 2024

1765 Church Death Record of Martin Lopez
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This is the November 6, 1765 Death Record of Jose Pedro Martin Lopez de Jaen. He is my 7th great grandfather. The death record is a Church from Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

He was married to Maria Gertrudis Salinas.

Just like back in 2012 when I originally posted this, I have not been able to find his parents. Since then I have found the parents of his wife Maria Gertrudis and they are Jose Gabriel Selvera Salinas and Maria Gregoria Tadea Reyes.

If you search online for Jose Martin and Maria Gertrudis you will very easily find the names of Martins’s parents. The only problem is that there is no citation as to where they got the information.

I assume that they got it from the book “Vecinos de Cerralvo 1630-1760” Pg. 60. Our Martin is listed as Pedro Martin Lopez de Jaen, his entry does not mention any parents and states that he was a vecino of Cadereyta.

Above his entry, there is another Predo Lopez de Jaen listed who married Maria Juana Benavides. This particular Pedro’s parents are listed as Felipe Lopez de Jaen and Luisa Rodriguez. I think people are assuming that it is the same person, but they are not since this couple had children during the same time that Martin and Gertrudis were having children.

In any case here is the transcription of his death record.

Transcription of the above image:

dia seis de Nove. de mil setes. secenta y sinco a. enesta ygsa. Parrochl. de Zerralbo Yo el Cura de ella Jph. Alexdo. de la Garza di sepultura a Martin Lopes esp. casado q. fue con Ma. Gertrudis Salinas y ez. del Rosario rancho de esta Jurisdicn. no se le administraron los scrame. por q. no exijieron segun dixeron despues porq. no dio lugar el accidente y por lo mismo no testo y porq. asi conste lo fe. Jph Alexandro de la Garza.

Descendants of Jose Pedro Martin Lopez de Jaen and Maria Gertrudis Salinas

You can view over 2,000 verified descendants of his at the Las Villas del Norte Genealogy Database. The database also has many generations of ancestors for Maria Gertrudis Salinas.


  • “México, Nuevo León, registros parroquiales, 1667-1981,” database with images, FamilySearch ( : 9 December 2020), Cerralvo > San Gregorio Magno > Defunciones 1761-1852 > image 11 of 544; Parroquias de la Iglesia Católica, Nuevo León (Catholic Church parishes, Nuevo León).

Note: Originally posted on 4-19-2012 last updated on 2-5-2024

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  1. Moises I saw this post from the web, so I'm commenting here, I can't find it on the site from the inside….María Gertrudis Salinas is also a great grandmother for me, one generation down from you. I spent a lot of time on this particular person and wanted to share what I found. I believe I have the records for you, having exact same issues confirming…Although María Gregoria Tadea Reyes is wife of José Gavriel Selvera Salinas, I found that she was step-mother to one person in particular — Gertrudis — her mother was María Margarita de la Vela Ortíz, who died very young. She was then raised by Gregoria. Over 200 people fell down that rabbit hole on Ancestry, this is why their system suggests they know the mother. But it isn't correct. I also had same issue with Martín de Jaen, I have his father as you indicated, but left the mother blank, realising many have Luisa Rodríguez….if she was a Rodríguez however she will be easily tracked, I moved onto other items with a note to myself to return….

    1. As I indicated above. I have Maria Gertrudis as the daughter of Jose Gabriel Selvera Salinas and Maria Gregoria Tadea Reyes. I also have him married to Margarita Vela. I will review my information to see why I attached Gregoria as the mother and not Margarita.

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