Bustamante, Nuevo Leon Marriage Records and Family Information 1708 – 1832

In 2006 Elizabeth K. Butzer published the marriage records for Bustamante Nuevo Leon Mexico with Los Bexarenos Genelaogical Society out of San Antonio Texas.

Prior to Bustmanate being callled Bustamante it used to be called San Miguel de Aguayo. In her book Elizabeth covers the marriages that took place from 1708 to 1832 and she also provides additional family information on those marriages.

What I really like about this book is that the author took the time to write a historical overview as to were the original documents can be found based on the time period.

For example she mentions that the weddings from 1708 to 1759 were found in the following places:

a) Archivo Municipal de Bustamante, Documentos Diversos vol. I
b) Archivo Parroquial de Villaldama, Diligencias Matrimoniales vol. I
c) Archivo Parroquial de VIllaldama, Matrinios vol. I (1713-1760), Fragmentos de Libros de Matrimonios

If you have ancestors from Bustamante Nuevo Leon Mexico I highly recommend that you get a copy of this book.

Cover of Book “Bustamante, Nuevo Leon Marriage Records and Family Information 1708 – 1832”

Were to Get a Copy of This Book

I was able to find her book at my local University UTRGV Special Collections.

You can also search worldcat.org to find a library near you that may have a copy.

Finally you can search the website of Los Bexarenos to see if they are still selling copies of this book.

About the Author:

Elisabeth Butzer has worked extensively in various archives in Spain since 1980, and has co-authored a number of articles and a monograph on historical and ecological themes. Most recently she has published Historia Social de una Comunidad Tlaxcalteca: San Miguel de Aguayo (Bustamante, NL.) 1686-1820 (Saltillo, 2001 ). Currently she is a Research Fellow in Geography at the University of Texas, Austin.

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