Y-DNA Descendants of Nicolas Marroquin by Crispin Rendon

Crispin Rendon has released a report on the Y-DNA descendants of Nicolas Marroquin. Hopefully someone that you know that is a male Marroquin might be able to test their Y-DNA. As it turns out Nicolas is my 7th great grandfather through my maternal grandmother Dominga Marroquin.

Nicolas lived during the late 1600’s and died on about 1719 but I have not been able to find his vital records.

He married Francisca Montemayor Rodriguez on January 9, 1707 in present day Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. You can see their marriage record here: Nicolas de Marroquin and Francisca Rodriguez, 1707 Marriage in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

You can download Crispin’s report here:


By the way if you are a descendant of Nicolas Marroquin make sure to drop me a message on the comments section at the bottom of this page. Also make sure to join the We Are Cousins DNA project.

8 thoughts on “Y-DNA Descendants of Nicolas Marroquin by Crispin Rendon

  1. Maria Casares Robertson

    Have checked but have not had time to document it yet but my 4th great-grandfather Vicente de Leon (de la Garza ) married Maria Juliana Marroquin daughter to Juan Bautista Julian Marroquin who was son to Joseph Ascencio Marroquin.

  2. Christina Marroquin

    My father is Marroquin and he is a decendent of Nicolas Marroquin. I would like my father to do a Y-Dna. He is from congregacion hidalgo. What is the least expensive site he can do that?

  3. Yvette Benitez

    I am Alanis Marroquin. My mother is Marroquin, her father is Santiago Marroquin from Santiago, N.L., Mexico. My grandfather’s parents were Santiago Marroquin and Lucinda Alanis. My great grandfather’s (Santiago Marroquin) parents were Isidro Marroquin and Carmen Alanis. Isidro’s parents were Jesus Marroquin and Saturina dela Garza. And Jesus parents were Damasio Marroquin and Juana Silva. I got stuck there. I haven’t been able to find if he connects to Nicolas Marroquin.

    However, I do have 2 other connections, with Nicolas Marroquin from my mother’s father’s side and from my dad’s mother’s side. If I can find if Damasio Marroquin connects to Nicolas Marroquin then that’ll be my 3rd connection.

    I have (2) pictures that my mom gave me of my grandfather’s brother that went to Jerusalem. I just don’t know what year it was possibly in the 1920s or 1930s not sure. Would love for someone to help explain the meaning of the trip, any stories, or any other information I can get. –Yvette

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