YDNA Descendants of Capitan Juan Farias

Are you a descendant of Juan de Farias? If so this report is awesome. It points out the complexities of DNA research and shows that we still have a very long ways to go. Not just as researchers but as a group interested in finding the DNA of our ancestors.

I am not going to spoil it for you so make sure to download the report and read at least the first page of the report. It is very interesting.

By the way Juan Farias is my 11th great grandfather so if he is one of your ancestors we are related. He is also Crispin’s 8th great grandfather.

Juan Farias Y-DNA descendants

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If you are a direct male descendnat of Captain Juan FArias pelase consider testing yoru Y-DNA and help contribute to future reports and or help narrow down as to wich DNA might be the correct one for Juan Farias.

I have added this report to the We Are Cousins DNA Page for future reference.


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