Families of Galeana, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume Four by Crispin Rendon

In this post you will find the fourth volume by Crispin Rendon on his series of the Families of Galeana Nuevo Leon, Mexico. He released this eBook in September 5th and I highly recommend that you get your own copy and add it to your digital library. This email by Crispin was particularly long and towards the end of this post I have a note about it. Make sure to read it since it will be of interest to you.

Description of Volume By Crispin Rendon

Volume four of this series contains marriage information from 500 marriage records found on film 728340 (matrimonios 1718-1836). These marriages occurred in the time span of August 1816 to September 1826. These marriages are found on images 360-446. Basic information from the marriage records is presented along with other information gathered in an attempt to present two generation descendant reports. Most of the non-marriage record information presented was gathered using the FamilySearch.org database index.

Cover of eBook Families of Galeana, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume Four

Families of Galeana Nuevo Leon Volume Four

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Short Part of email pertaining to this eBook:

I have posted another free online book

Families of Galeana, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume Four


Note on the Rest of Crispin Rendon’s Email

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post. Crispin’s email was very long and it contained great information. This information is about “Our Kindred Group Jewish Roots”. On Thursday I will be sharing this information with you. I did not want to include it with this post in order to keep the eBook series separate since they are two different topics and I do not want this information buried by the title of this post. It is information that everyone should read.

Don’t forget, download your own copy. Talk to you soon.

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