by Moises Garza

August 11, 2015

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This is the church death record of my 11th great grandfather Blas de la Garza in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. This document indicates that he was the husband of Angela Mendes. I am a descendant of his through his other marriage to Margarita Lopez Prieto. If you are a descendant of his please send me an email to exchange descendant lines.

Cut out of Original Image:

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Transcription of death image:

Blas de la Garza

En dies, y nuebe de Mayo demil Setecientos y dies, y nueve anos Enla Parroquial deesta Ciudad Enterre al Cpn. Blas de la Garza (Con missa de Cuerpo presente y sele siguio Novenario Cantado) Esposo, que fue de Angela Mendes, no hizo testamento, por la a seleracion del achaque; recivio todos los Sacramentos, y para que conste lo firme.

Joseph Galbano


FamilySearch: Mexico, Nuevo León, Catholic Church Records, 1667-1981, Blas de La Garza FamilySearch, Mexico, N. L. Monterrey Dedth 1719 Pg123.JPG.,45389702,46366701.

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  1. Blas de la Garza…..Me too, that’s where my grandmother got her Garza name. Short list:

    Cpt Blas de la Garza, Blas de la Garza, Buenaventura Garza, Lucas Garza, Guadalupe Garza, Agapito Garza, Trinidad Garza, Tomasa Garza (my Grandmother).

  2. I also have De la Garza in my family tree. Miguel de la Garza married to Maria Gonzalez. They had a daughter named Lucia Gertrudis de la Garza ochoa. I have worked on my family tree. I have mine on La Familia Montemayor.

  3. Hi Moises! Do you have the parents of this Blas de la Garza? I have two distinct men by the same name in my tree from my husband’s line, and it appears that the match would be my husband’s 11th great grand uncle. His parents were Marcos Alonso de la Garza and Juana Quintanilla Trevino. Is that a match?

    1. The parents of this particular Blas are Juan de la Garza Falcon and Margarita de Montemayor. Blas de la Garza the son of Marcos Alonso de la Garza is the Grandfather of this Blas de la Garza. Can you email me his line to Marcos Alonso de la Garza?

      1. Hi Moises,

        Do you have the children of Blas de la Garza Montemayor married with Margarita Lopez Prieto (also known as Margarita de Montemayor)?

        If you have anything it would be so helpful.

        1. On my database I only have Blas de la Garza and Nicolasa de la Garza as their children. These are the only ones I have researched. i have yet to make the effort to search for all of their children.

          Base on the research by Crispin Rendon their children are:

          i Margarita12 GARZA, christened 20 Sep 1684 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. She married on 10 Jul 1702 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Capitan Alonso RODRIGUEZ.

          ii Blas12 GARZA, born 1692; buried 4 Feb 1752 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. He married on 30 Oct 1712 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Maria Magdalena GARCIA, born 1692; buried 26 Feb 1749 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, daughter of Pedro GARCIA and Angela MENDEZ TOVAR.

          iii Juan Cristobal12 GARZA, christened 11 Sep 1697 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

          iv Maria Josefa12 GARZA. She married on 3 Feb 1722 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Antonio GUZMAN.

          v Maria Ramona12 GARZA, born bef 1700. She married on 4 May 1718 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Melchor SANCHEZ BARRERA, died 25 Feb 1749, son of Sargento Tomas SANCHEZ BARRERA and Maria BARRERA.

  4. All I know is I descend from Pedro de la Garza and the slave girl but when I trace my family back into my family tree I am related to all the descendants of Marcos Alonso de la Garza Trevino falcon Arcon.

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