1713 Church Death Record of Nicolasa de la Garza in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

This is the May 19 1713 death record of my 9th great grandmother Nicolasa de la Garza in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. This record indicates that she was buried at the Capilla de San Francisco which is also known as the Convent of San Francisco. The document indicates that she was the wife of Joseph de la Garza but I am a descendant of her through her marriage with Jose Martinez Guajardo. If you are also a descendant of her please let me know in the comments section of this post. Through other sources we know that her parents were Pedro de la Garza and Maria Lucia de la Rocha.

Cut out of Original Image:

Nicolasa de La Graza death record 1713 monterrey

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Transcription of death image:

Nicolasa de la Garza Esposa que fue del Alferes Joseph de la Garza Espanoles

En 19 dias del mes de Mayo del Ano de 1713 Seenterro Enesta Capilla del Sr. Sn. Francisco A Nicolasa de la Garza Esposa que fue de Joseph de la Garza Recevo los Stos. Sacramentos y Se le dixieron dos posas, y tambien Se le Canto Misa de Cuerpo depresente y Vigilias y Hizo su Memoria de xando algunas mandas forsosas qe. son 13 y porque Conste lo firme

Geronimo Lopez Prieto

You can read more about the convent of San Francisco here and about the location of the convent here.


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  1. David J Leal-Garza

    Nicolasa de la Garza is a direct ancestor through her daughter, Rosa Martinez Guarxardo and her husband, Antonio Feliciano de la Garza.

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