2015 mtDNA Report From Crispin Rendon

Yesterday I got a very pleasant surprise. I received Crispins annual mtDNA report. Bellow I have included his email with a link so that you can get a copy for your own library. Also please read the report in it’s entirety it is very informative and you can get a good overview of the importance that the project has when it comes to our heritage and our ancestry.

2015 mtDNA Report

Here is the email:

Here is a link to the 2015 mtDNA Report


Best Regards,

Crispin Rendon

This report provided great news to me. My mother is a direct descendant of Estefana Lizarraras de Cuellar. For over seven years I could not figure whom her mother was but thanks to Sandra Trevino and Gladys Farias I was able to find that her parents were Jose Francisco Lizarraras Cuellar and Ana Maria Gutierrez. Their direct ancestor on the mtDNA report is Catalina Ponce. This year I will do my mtDNA and also add my results to the Mexico DNA project. I am hoping that my results match those of Catalina Ponce since that would reinforce the paper trail to her being my ancestor and if you noticed she is of Native American Descent.

Let me know about your experience with mtDNA is you have any. Please leave your comments int eh comments section of this post. Almost forgot, if you can don’t forget to contribute to this project.



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  1. Margaret Garcia

    Several months ago I sent Mr. Garza an E-mail about being interesting in a dna kit but wanted some questions answered, but did not get a response. I am still interested in doing my dna with you. Any suggestions. You are very detailed oriented and I used to correspond with you until my e-mail address was comprised. My name is Margaret Garza Gonzales, parents are Jose Garza and Elida Gonzales. y ou have them in your database. Mr. Garza great ancestor Tomasa Gonzales and my great grand father Benito Gonzales were brother and sister. pLEASE RESPOND. mARGARET gARCIA

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