by Moises Garza

December 7, 2014

San Fernando Church Baptismals 1731 - 1812
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

In this post, you can download the San Fernando Church Baptismals 1731 – 1812 in as two ebooks. This great resource by compiled by John Ogden Leal.

I came across this resource a couple of weeks ago. Many of the We Are Cousins readers are from the San Antonio area and many of them have very deep roots in Texas going back to the first families who settled this area.

In McAllen this past September, I had the pleasure of meeting many of them in person during the Genealogical conference.

If you are one of them, you will like this great resource.

It is an online free eBook that lists all the baptisms for The San Fernando Cathedral of San Antonio Texas. As I mentioned before the time period they cover is that of 1737 to 1812.

Download San Fernando Church Baptismals 1731 – 1812

Volume 1 Part 2

Volume 1 Part 2

If your family was from this are and you do find them within the pages of this book let me know in the comments section. I would love to hear about it.

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  1. How can I get in touch with the records in San Fernando Tamaulipas, Mexico. I am interested in the Sosa family. When did they travel to San Fernando, Tamaulipas, Mexico. My great grandfather was Gerardo Sosa, born about 1850, his father was Jose Antonio Sosa. They were a well established business people in San Fernando, with ranches, farming and wholesale businesses. Gerardo’s daughter, Maria Antonia Sosa(my grandmother)was born in 1884. She immigrated, with her father & 2 sisters to Brownsville,Texas about 1892. Any info or clues will be greatly appreciated.

    1. YOU ARE IN THE SAME BOAT THAT I AM. My husbands great grandfather was Jose Antonio Sosa wife Maria de los Angeles (Angela) Lopez, born in 1865 also son of Jose Antonio Sosa Gracia whose wife was Maria Antonia Garcia. Her parents were Angel Garcia and Anastacia Vega.
      Interesting that Gerardo named his daughter after his mother. We have stories from the old ones that these Sosas were Portugese. Have you heard that?

      1. Gracias Moises! I’ve been doing a lot of research for my mom’s side of the family, most of which came from Los Adaes, Coahuila de Zaragoza, Nuevo Leon, and San Antonio de Bexar, so your website has been a large help, and that ebook would probably help me even more.

  2. Mr. Moises, were you able to get permission to share the San Fernando, Tamualipas records? Is so may I have a copy of the ebook? Thank you.

  3. Hi Moises, I know it’s been awhile since this post was made, but I was wondering if anyone had re-posted those links anywhere else. Where can I find those books as much family is from San Antonio, TX. Thank you!

  4. Hi! Hopefully you still check the comments. I was unable to download the book. When I click the link- and go to familysearch the page keeps refreshing. Would you know of another way to access the book?

  5. Wowsers! A late time ancestry search has led me her. Im an Isleno descendant from the 13th family (Cabrera) and am finding baptismal records of my ancestor Marcos Cabrera's children. Labeled "Coyotes" in the casta. Fascinating! Just the beginning!

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