Families of Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico Volume Eleven by Crispin Rendon

I just want to make you aware that Crispin Rendon just released yesterday his 11th eBook on his series “Families of Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico”. This is a treasure and I highly recommend that you download it. This Volume 11 is comprised of marriages that took place from 1788 to 1823.

Make sure and to read the entire second page of this eBook since Crisping provides vital information on how to use the document. He also mentions that the original goal was to only do twelve volumes but now he will be making 15 volumes. He provides more details on this on the second page, make sure to read it.

The following image is a partial of the eBook cover.

Families of Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico Volume Eleven by Crispin Rendon

The following is also a partial of the email that Crispin sent me letting me know that his eBook was available for download.

I have posted online another volume from the Saltillo families series.

Families of Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico Volume Eleven


Best Regards,

Crispin Rendon

A very short but to the point email. Thank you Crispin for all that you do to help us find our ancestors.

As I mentioned before get your copy even if you have no need for it right now. Let me give you an example as to why I put emphasis on downloading it. I got volume one earlier this year when Crispin released it, even though I had no use for it I recognized it’s value in that someday I may need it. Last month I came across an ancestor and found out he was from Saltillo. I searched for him and his wife on Volume one and found their marriage record. This led me to discover four additional ancestors and also that his parents were from Zacatecas.

Let me know also in the comments area, if this series has been helpful to you too.

2 thoughts on “Families of Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico Volume Eleven by Crispin Rendon

  1. Larissa LeBovidge

    These books have helped me to find branches of my tree- cousins I was able to add and in many cases some brought new information about my direct ancestors. For example, I was able to find a grandparent listed on a birth record for a sibling of my ancestor. No other siblings had grandparents listed, but I only found (looked it up on the film) the sibling after finding his marriage in an ebook from Crispin Rendon. I keep the volumes in a folder on my hard drive so I can easily find them. I made an index card with each volume listed, the years covered, which film(s), and the page of the index on the pdf file. I can go right to the index or use my ctrl-f function to search easily for names. Great to look through when I am not focusing on anything in particular. So much work must go into compiling all of those records and what a great man to share with us all. Hope he knows we really appreciate it. He has helped numerous people with his generous volumes.

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