WAC-012: Do You Have A Cavazos Connection?


Do You Have A Cavazos Connection

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This episode of contains the audio of the presentation of Carlos Cantu done in June for the RGVHGS titled “Do you have a Cavazos cconnection”. Also Moises talks about the Mier Padron Project, the book about Alonso De Leon, and Transcript, a tool to help you transcribe images.

Show Notes:

This is session number 12

This podcasts topic will be Do you have a Cavazo’s Connection? I have for you the audio recording of the June presentation done by Carlos Cantu for the RGVHGS.

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1. We are Cousins Facebook Page Question

Left at We Are Cousins Facebook Page

While researching my family in Burgos, Tamaulipas, Mexico, I came across a burial record that stated that an ancestor made a will right before he died in March of 1818. Could anyone give me an idea of where i would look to find a copy of this will?” by Angela

  1. The Mier Padrones Project

The first ever project by the We Are Cousins Community. I want to thank Chris Lozano Martinez (1797), Terry Hutson (1798) and Clementina (1799).

3 This week’s Tool

AncestryDNA Helper – Provides added functionality to AncestryDNA


4 This Weeks Online Resource

Transcript – Free Software to Help You Transcribe Your Genealogy Records


5 This week’s book

Alonso de Leon Sus Descendientes – Alonso de Leon His Descendants


6 Upcoming Genealogical Conferences

Did anyone go to the “Gone  To Texas” Genealogical conference this past August 27-30 in San Antonio Texas? Let me know or we can talk about it.

35th Annual Texas Hispanic Genealogical and Historical Conference September 25-27 Already mailed in my registration fee.

Website: www.southtexasgenealogy.org – Thank You Ofelia Olson for the link.

7 Do you have a Cavazos Connection?

  • Marry Torres Introduces Carlos Cantu.

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