by Moises Garza

July 28, 2014

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

Facebook is very often overlooked as a tool and resource for genealogical research. Moises talks about how he uses Facebook for Genealogical Research and encourages others to use it too.

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This is session number 7

Today I am going to talk about Using Facebook for Genealogical Research          

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Awesome Comment

This podcast episode ROCKS! Moises and Welester Alvarado (President of the Genealogical Society of Nuevo Leon) present important information (history, culture, and stories) in a lively, humorous, engaging, and unpretentious manner. Moises and Welester have years of research experience and clearly know the material. Thanks for sharing, supporting our efforts, and helping us ‘connect the dots’. – Rene Renteria  – That was for session 4

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Northeastern Mexico No updates this past week

South Texas: Texas, Deaths, 1890-1976

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Los Protocolos de la Villa de Nuestra Señora Santa Anna de Camargo 1762-1809 by Professor Victor M. Saenz Ramirez

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Using Facebook for Genealogical Research

                Why do you need Facebook?

                How do I use Facebook?


                The first thing is first you need an Account

                Privacy Settings

                Start adding friends and family

                Search for genealogical communities and pages

                Your Timeline, Pages, and Groups

                                Start with Pages






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