Los Protocolos de Camargo 1762-1809

Los Protocolos de la Villa de Nuestra Señora Santa Anna de Camargo 1762-1809

In this post, you can read more about the Los Protocolos de Camargo 1762-1809 and the book that contains them. It is an excellent resource that with no doubt will become one of your favorites for your genealogy research. Throughout my genealogical research, I had been coming across ancestors that settled and lived in Camargo since it’s founding. One of such ancestors was my 7th great grandfather Bartolome Trevino whom I only knew had died in Camargo back on September 27, 1788. I had no other information for him or his wife until I came across the book written by Víctor M. Sáenz Ramírez titled “Los Protocolos de la Villa de Nuestra Señora Santa Anna de Camargo 1762-1809”.

This book is basically a transcription of the documents available at the archives of Camargo from 1762 to 1809. It contains sales of slaves, land, and testaments (wills) among other documents. There is where I came across the 1788 testamento (will) for Bartolome Trevino. I discovered that he had had 2 prior marriages before he married my 7th great grandmother Anna Maria Garcia and after her, he married once more. He listed all the wives and their previous marriages and all the children that he had. Not to mention all the other details mentioned in his will were extraordinary, from debts to what people owed him and even mentions of regular household items.

Ok, sorry for the ramblings but as you can see this book is a treasure especially if you happen to find your ancestors within the pages of this book.

Cover of the book “Los Protocolos de la Villa de Nuestra Señora Santa Anna de Camargo 1762-1809:

Los Protocolos de Camargo 1762-1809

How I found this book:

Honestly, I do not remember what I was searching for but I found this book at Amazon.com. When I saw it and read the description I could not believe that I had not seen it before.

Get your own copy today:

I bought the eBook at Amzon.com for $3.99 and it is in the Kindle format. You can use the following link to buy it now.

If you don’t like eBooks, Amazon also gives you the option to buy it on paperback for $19.95.

8 thoughts on “Los Protocolos de la Villa de Nuestra Señora Santa Anna de Camargo 1762-1809

  1. Eva Wathen

    I see the book is only available in hardcover or paperback and this articles says you can buy it as an ebook for 3.99. I prefer ebooks as it is less to keep around the house and i can take it anywhere and look thru anytime i have time to spare.

    Was this a mistake or has it been discontinued by some chance as i see no mention of it when i follow the buy it now link.

  2. Blanca Alvarado Olivares Curl

    Yes, it is a wonderful book! I bought it a few years ago and found many of my ancestors that I had not found much on. Like the Will of Matteo Olivares that married Quiteria Villareal, they had 5 children, a year later after his death, she married Francisco Xavier Salinas, Will Bartolome Garcia, father of Pedro Ignacio and grand father of Ignacio Garcia, Will Bartolome Trevino, Sale of Matteo Olivares Portion 18 to Jose de la Cruz Estrada. Some Lopez info. and other good stuff. Worth it!

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