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Here is an excellent resource that Anna Martinez shared with me in order for me to share it with you. Thank’s Anna for sharing with us. As you may already be aware I recently received my DNA results and it came out 6% Jewish. I always knew that I had some Jewish ancestry due to the fact that many of my ancestors had been rumored to have been Sephardic Jews and many of them were also classified as new Christians. The resource that Anna shared with us was the a page on the website.

Here is a screen shot of the website:

You can visit the full website here:

Out of that website Anna recommended for me to share this particular page This particular page has many links to other resources were you will be able to find more about Sephardic Jews. I highly recommend that you take the time to check it out, that is if you are interested in this topic as I am.

If you have confirmed your Jewish ancestry either through documents or DNA testing let me know in the comments or on facebook. If interested in learning more about my DNA results please take the time to hear my latest podcast or read my blog post “Great news! My AncestryDNA results are in!“.

8 thoughts on “Sephardic Genealogy Resources

  1. Rebecca

    I got my results Sunday. I am 2% European Jew (45% Native American, 45% European [28% Iberian Peninsular, 10% Italian/Greek, 5% Western European, 2% European Jew ] and trace origins from different parts of Asia ) Fascinating to take a look into our past!

  2. Servando Villarreal

    Moises , what’s your opinion on GedMatch results and their validity’s. Do you believe that Gedmatch sources are correct ?

    1. Moises Garza Post author

      In my opinion I do believe them to be accurate. They are in par with most of the companies but you have to remember that all of them have different results because of the populations they use.

  3. Michael Navarro

    i am 3% jewish. 45% Native American. most of my Mexican family i have traced back to Spain, where they are confirmed by the church to be Sapharic Jews. not sure what Sepharic jews mean, or where to begin to better understand.

  4. Mary Ostlund

    I am so confused… DNA results through give me 9% Iberian Peninsula…at first I was thinking that maybe that was because my 26% Irish DNA had mixed with shipwrecked Spanish survivors of the Spanish Armada, intermarrying with local Irish natives… my former boss and friend in Dublin, Croasdell-aCruess Callaghan explains her familiy’s background. But I realized that would take a LOT of wet sailors to make that much impact on my DNA, and then accidentally stumbled on the Sephardic Jew/Spanish Inquisition/etc possibility. Every one of my mother’s ancestral lines extend back to early colonial America, so now I have found a couple of them in the Plymouth Colony and thereabouts without prior ancestral explanation (conversos? Assimilated and changed their names?) and I am insanely trying to prove something, as I would love to have this ancestry in my family line…..Any hints? Explanations? My brother’s DNA results done through 23andme show him as almost 99% Northern European (my father is 1/4 Norwegian and 1/4 Swedish and the rest Scottish). Is this because of the “Y” chromosome somehow, or just the results of the mix, or what? My ancestry DNA didn’t say a thing about “Jewish” but I don’t know if they do that. Furthermore, in their explanation about Iberian Peninsula results, they make NO mention of the Sephardic Jews, the Spanish Inquisition, etc to explain this result….. I am spending a fortune and days trying to figure something out. Can anyone explain the disparity in DNA results between me and my brother. Would my results SAY Jewish, if my Iberian Peninsula results WERE Jewish? I have just uploaded my raw DNA results from ancestry to MyHeritage and eagerly await THEIR results. Any help out there?

  5. DrJoseph

    I seem to have genealogic connections to prominent Spanish Jews that moved from Sevilla to Nuevo Leon in 1548 and established Monterrey.
    I am interested in obtaining Spanish citizenship via the Sephardic connection, but don’t know how to go about establishing the connection and family tree. I’ve done DNA testing that showed 47% of my DNA from Italy and Spain, but no mention of Jewish DNA.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Moises Garza Post author

      I think that as long as your ancestors are mentioned in the book the Crypto-Jews of Monterrey then you do qualify but do not quote me on that. You would need to consult the New Mexico Jewish group to verify.

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