WAC 003: Moises talks about his DNA results and his impressions.

We Are Cousins Session 003

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In this session of the We Are Cousins Podcast, Moises talks about a tool that he uses on a daily basis while doing his research, Spanish Colonial Documents of Northern New Spain, and his own AncestryDNA results among other topics.

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2 thoughts on “WAC 003: Moises talks about his DNA results and his impressions.

  1. Jose Tenorio

    Hello Mr Garza, I really like “We are Cousins” . It start to help me in doing my family genealogy. I have been receiving your e-mails, and until today I open one of the newsletter from the archives. I want to ask you for your help. My daughter was studying Texas History at middle school level and she found that in the Santana’s Army it was a soldier named Antonio Tenorio. She asked me if I can find more information about this soldier. Can you help me on how or where I can start my research of this Mexican Soldier Antonio Tenorio?
    Thanks for you help and I appreciate all work in finding our ancestors.

    Jose Tenorio

    1. Moises Garza Post author

      Thank you for your readership and your comments. I do not have a defenite answer for you since this is an area that i need to learn more about and do more research. The only place that I can think of is the Archivo Historico Militar Mexicano (Archive of the Mexican Military) you might want to check it out. Try searching for his name there but unfortunately most of the documents are not indexed by names mentioned but rather by names of battles, campaigns, etc… Thus it can be hard to find him. Hope this helps.

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