by Moises Garza

July 16, 2014

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

 This is the September 20, 1693 marriage record of my 8th great grandparents Joseph Martinez Guajardo and Margarita Gutierrez. They got married in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. He was the son of Jose Martinez Guajardo and Nicolasa de la Garza. Margarita was the daughter of Diego Gutierrez de Castro and Gertrudis Flores. Their witnesses are listed as Pedro Lozano, Nicolasa Arellano, and Joseph de la Garza.

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Joseph Marz Guaxardo y Margarita Gutierres espanoles

En veinte de Septe. de mil seiscientos y nobenta y tres anos despose y bele infacie eclesie a Joseph Martinez Guaxardo y Margarita Guttz aviendo presedido las banas en seis treze y veinte de este mes y ano y fue en Virtd. de dispensaon de quarto grado de sangre en igualdad fueron ts. Po. Lozano Nicolasa Arellano y Joseph de la Garza y para que conste lo firme ets.

Joseph Guxardo


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  1. Moises…thank you for sharing.. I know we are also likely to be more Cousins…LOL through my Mother as well… Ophelia Sifuentes to was also a Garza from her Mother Lazara Garza Sifuentes and a Ramon Guiterrez Sifuentes from her Fathrer as well! We have some rich Hispanic Roots for sure!

    Georgia Grant Kelley

  2. Dear Moises, I found your wonderful, informative website last week. I have been researching my ancestors for many years, and did not think I would come upon such a treasure trove of information. Unless I’m mistaken, your direct ancestor, Margarita Guitierrez de Castro was the sister of my Ma. Thomasina Isabel Guitierrez de Castro. She married Captain Rodrigo Martinez de la Garza October 19, 1693 in the Cathedral in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Sources: “With All Arms,” by Duaine; Index to Marriage Investigations of the Diocese of Guadalajara Guerra; and “Conquistadores and Crypto-Jews of Monterrey.” My family lines are interwoven a number of times. I wonder if we are also related through our Martinez ancestors. The earliest Martinez ancestors I have are Juan Francisco Martinez Guajardo and Ursula Ines Catarina Navarro Rodriguez. I know you can’t possibly correspond with all your followers or “cousins,” but I just wanted to let you know we are related, however remotely. God Bless. Nancy in Raleigh, North Carolina

    1. Francisco and Ursula are my 10th great grandparents, so we are definitely primos. Let me know if you want to exchange family trees. On my Gutierrez I have yet to find all of her siblings since I am just focusing on direct ancestors at this moment.


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