Families of “El Valle del Guajuco”, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Between researching my own family genealogy and finding my ancestors I came across a citation at Raul Longoria’s Website which read “Santiago Vallejo, “Familias del Valle del Guajuco, NL, Mexico”, http://svallejo.tribalpages.com/”. If you are one of our earlier readers then you may be already aware that my Marroquines were from this valley especially Santiago and Allende, Nuevo Leon.

I promptly copied and pasted the URL address into my browser and arrived at a website named “Vallejo Families of Nuevo Leon, Mexico”. My first opinion was this website is not even about the families of El Guajuco but after reading the main page it is clear that indeed it is. I promptly clicked “People” at the top bar and then on the “M” and found Marroquin as one of the listed last names. I clicked it and found my 7th great grandfather Nicolas Marroquin. This website even let me print seven generations of his descendants. just be careful I used a PDF Printer since the report was over 300 pages big.

I looked for the name of the owner of the website but I could not find it. I will assume from Raul’s citation that it is Santiago Vallejo. Ok, you may be thinking great for you Moises but how can this help me out. The way it can help you out is that Santiago has been doing genealogy research for over eight years and as it is with all of our research his is not just limited to the Vallejos. Do a quick search of the last names and try and find one of your earliest ancestors and you see what I mean. This website, I am sure will become one of your tools to help you find more information about your own ancestors.

Screenshot of Website:

How the author describes El Valle del Guajuco:

There is a valley which which extends south from Monterrey, Mexico about 30 miles along current HWY 85 to the Villa de Santiago and includes villages (or haciendas) such as Los Cristales, El Cerrito, Rancho de Uro, Los Cavazos, El Huajuquito, El Cercado, El Barreal, Los Rodriguez, San Javier, San Pedro, San Francisco, Santa Rosalia, La Boca, etc. In the old days this valley was known as the Valle del Guajuco and was the main habitat for early Vallejo families.

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