by Moises Garza

September 18, 2011

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

A Great Resource for South Texas and Northeastern Mexico Genealogy

For all of you who may barely be getting their feet wet into their own family genealogy and or family history, here is another great resource that I have used many times over and over again.

The resource that I want to make you aware of is Raul Longoria’s Website

In my own opinion I believe it to be one of the greatest resources for Mexican American Genealogy when it comes to the South Texas and Northestern Mexican Genealogy.

Most entries in Raul N. Longoria’s website have citations to where he got the information from, thus providing the researcher with precious leads to original documents or more great resources.

This is how he describes his website:

Many of us with deep family roots in South Texas have found that we are part of a very large extended family; you may find some of your own ancestors here. – Raul N. Longoria

Did I mention that he has thousands of names in his database and most of them are form South Texas and Northeastern Mexico. Go ahead and check it out. It will not be long before you find your ancestors listed there.

My only hope is that Mr. Longoria continues to make this great resource available to all of us.

Once again here is the link to his website:

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  1. Thank you for letting me know about Mr Raul Longoria Website. But his Epigmenio Longoria DOB 3-24-1883
    and DOD 1-13-1952 and mine from La Grulla, also born 1885 and died 1968- He was married to Ricarda Villarreal, They had my grandmother Francisco Longoria Solis,5-11-1905 to 5-18-1970 {Siblings: Manuel, Epigmeno Jr.,Santos, Josefa, Angelita and Jesusa.} She married my grandfather Domingo Soto Solis 12-20-1907 to 10-29-1964. They had my father Alonzo L. Solis 12-20-1929 to 8-13-1991{sibling: Guadalupe Solis-10-27-1943 and Virginia Solis} married Adela Ortiz daug of Lorenzo Montez Ortiz and Guadalupe Rodriguez.
    all of La Grulla. Thank you again, Isela Solis Guerrero

    1. I am glad that it was useful to you. If you have anything to add or any changes you can always email them to Mr. Longoria. He does mention that he has only researched his direct ancestors with primary sources but that the rest are from secondary sources as well as primary.

  2. Thank you again, It was exciting finding the link to Tia Esperanza, I do remember her and their children, I have a picture of Tio Manuel and Tia Esperanza, If you want to see it. Just go to, password ISGJLG. I didn’t start of serious about finding my ancestors, But I have grown very curious about them and how they lived.

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