1858 and 1886 Maps of Nuevo Leon, Mexico

When doing Mexico Genealogy, in search of our ancestry, maps can be of great benefit and help. Specially since towns do change names. The following are two maps one is dated 1858 and the other 1886 both published by Garcia Cubas, Antonio, 1832-1912.

It is interesting to see how the names of towns changed in just a span of almost 30 years and how it seems that the population grew. You may be asking your self. How will this help me find my ancestors? Well very simply by helping you pinpoint towns that have changed their names and also by providing you with clues as to where to research for documents.

1858 Map of Nuevo Leon, Mexico

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1886 Map of Nuevo Leon, Mexico

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I almost forgot, if you would like to download the above maps you can do so by clicking on the image and once there to your top right hand side there is an option to export. Once you click it it will download the image on a compressed file.

If interested you can also check a previous post about the municipalities of Nuevo Leon.

5 thoughts on “1858 and 1886 Maps of Nuevo Leon, Mexico

  1. Christopher R. Gonzalez

    My grandfather, Odilon Gonzalez, was born in Iturbide, a beautiful city in Nuevo Leon. He then married my grandmother Maria Luisa Guerrero in Linares but died in Hualahuises when my father was one year old.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Betty Castro

    This information that you post, like the others, is just one reason why I enjoy being a member of LVDN! You always share what can help us in our quest to uncover the past. Thanks so very much!

  3. Susana Leija

    Moises, do you have any idea where I can get the book “Vallecillo, Nuevo León: Los Caminos de su Historia by Juan Manuel Gonzales Sánchez? I have looked high and low but found it in some library somewhere in Michigan.
    Any information will be appreciated. Thanks

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