by Moises Garza

November 18, 2013

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

The following was sent in by We Are Cousins reader Roberto Gutierrez. If you have any piece of information please write it in the comments section.

Jose Antonio Cantu Married Maria Rita Guerra in Mier in 1804. I have all background data on the Guerra’s, my problem is finding where Jose Antonio was born and the year. He is my paternal/maternal 4th grandfather. His son Jose Hilario Cantu was born in 1805 in Mier and all his siblings. J. Hilario was born at Rancho San Lorenzo and so was his mother Ma. Rita, but I tried every idea and technique but can’t find out where J.Antonio was born. SOME BODY OUT THERE HELP ME. I WAS BORN IN BEE COUNTY,TEX OCT 1936 AND LIVED IN CORPUS CHRISTI, TEX UNTIL I ENLISTED IN USAF 1954. My parents were born in Bee County. Tomas Cantu Gutierrez 3/1891 and Julia Gonzales 1898.

Maria Rita’s family is very well documented but her husband has been harder to track. I tried to find more about him but could not. I hope I missed something and someone knows the answer that Roberto Needs.

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  1. Have you looked at the Marriage record for the couple? Many times the marriage record has where they were from and their parents. You can find the film on and it is easy to use and that is where I would search first. After you know who his parents are, check for christening records from the indexed records and then go back to the films on and find the christening. Most times the christenings have both sets of grandparents listed.

  2. I have been search for JOSE ANTONIO CANTU off and on for many years. I have his marriage certificate to Maria Rita Guerra in 1804 in Mier, all his childrens baptisms, HIS DEATH CERTIFICATE . hE WAS KILLED BY THE iNDIANS NEAR Matamoros. NONE OF THESE DOCUMENTS REFLECT HIS PARENTS NAME NOR HIS PLACE OF BIRTH. I HAVE WORKED WITH family search AND THEY TOO HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO HELP ME. You mentioned something about FAMILY SEARCH FILM – that I am not familiar with. Moreover I have a photocopy of the list of ranches in MIER of 1780 but NO CANTU’s. The Guerra’s are listed. I am puzzled and need ideas,suggestions or ant HELP.

  3. We must related Jose Antonio Cantu is my 3rd great grand father, me as well having a hard time finding his parents.

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