by Moises Garza

September 25, 2012

Last Names of Nuevo Leon
I received the following message from Ramiro Garza, I strongly want to encourage anyone with time to spare to help him out since it sounds like a good project that can at the end benefit others.

Good Morning to All,
    I am Ramiro Garza Jr. from Havana, Texas and I am a full time student at the University of Texas Pan American in Edinburg pursuing a Master’s degree in history.  Currently I am preparing to write a thesis about the people, culture and over all trials and tribulations of the Mexican and Mexican-American population of South Texas (specifically Hidalgo and Starr counties).  My father is Ramiro Garza Sr. and is an original descendent of those individuals who settled on porciones awarded to them by the Spanish Crown in the 1700’s.  For many years in my family and I am sure in other families as well across the valley stories have been passed down that land was given by the Spanish Crown to those individuals willing to venture north of Mexico City to what is now known as the Rio Grande Valley.  Then shortly thereafter the story goes the land changed hands from Mexicans to Anglos (eager to grab land illegally or legally from Spanish land grant recipients) due to Texas becoming its own nation in 1836 and then becoming part of the United States in 1845.
    Therefore, based on these stories I have developed a great passion to help put back together the broken links of our rich history.  Like many others before me I have begun tracing back my descendants in hopes of finding direct answers too many questions.  Unfortunately, using U. S. census records and other databases has only yielded information as far back as 1850 which falls short about a hundred years.  Nevertheless, each record as far back as 1850 to 1910 indicates that my forefathers lived in Havana Rancho.  My dilemma at this present time is that I have not been able to trace my family lineage past 1850 and as a result have only identified my Great, Great Grandfather as Patricio Garza who married Petra Garza in 1863.
    From old stories I have been told by my father and his brothers (my uncles) we were original recipients of land by the Spanish Crown in the cities of Camargo, Mier and Rio Grande and perhaps other places in South Texas.  However, at this point it is pure speculation since I am unable to find official documents that prove it.  Therefore, it has become apparent to me that I must seek the help of individuals like Moises Garza who might have access to birth, baptism and marriage records in Mexico.  Once I am able to fully identify my forefathers and distinguish their role during the early settlement of the Rio Grande Valley I can begin laying the ground work for my research.
    Fortunately for me I stumbled across Moises Garza’s extraordinary website We Are Cousins-South Texas and Northeastern Mexico Genealogy because it confirms to me that there is a genuine and unique attachment found in many original descendants living in this region to the land and each other.  If anyone can help me I can be reached at [email protected] or via mobile phone at 956-432-9068.  If for some reason I do not answer the phone please leave a message and I will return the call.

I hope that someone researching the Garza family from La Havana gets in contact with Ramiro.

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