Decree That Gives The Category of City to the Old Town Villa de Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

The following is the transcription and translation of the 1871 decree that elevates Mier from villa to city. The original document is housed in the Archives of Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas Mexico. This is just a piece of local history that some of our ancestors were part of.


Decreto Que Otorga La Cateegoria de Ciudad a la Antigua Villa de Mier

Gobierno del Estado de Tamaulipas. El Gobernador del Estado de Tamaulipas. A todos sus habitantes sabed: que el congreso del Estado ha decretado lo siguiente:

Num. 72 El 50. Congreso Constitucional del Estado Libre y Soberano de Tamaulipas en nombre del pueblo que representa decreta:

ARTICULO UNICO. La Villa de Mier, de Tamaulipas. Se denominara en lo sucesivo: “CIUDAD DE MIER”.

Salon de Sesiones del Congreso. C. Victoria, Junio 27 de 1871.

— Sabas Vasquez, Diputado Presidente. Manuel Maria Hinojosa, Diputado Secretario, Lauro de la Garza, Diputado Secretario.

Por tanto, mando se imprima, publique y se le de el debido cumplimiento.

Ciudad Victoria, Junio 27 de 1871


Translation to English:

Decree That Gives The Category of City to the Old Town Villa de Mier

Government of the state of Tamaulipas. The Governor of the State of Tamaulipas. To all its inhabitants: the state Congress has decreed as follows:

No. 72 the 50. Congress of the Free and Sovereign State of Tamaulipas on behalf of the people it represents decrees:

ARTICLE ONE. The town of Mier, Tamaulipas. Hereinafter be referred to as “CITY OF MIER”.

HAll of Sessions of Congress. C. Victoria, June 27, 1871.

— Sabas Vasquez, Deputy President. Manuel Maria Hinojosa, Deputy Secretary, Lauro de la Garza, Deputy Secretary.

Therefore, I sent it to be printed, published and for it to be duly complied with.

Ciudad Victoria, June 27, 1871


Let me know if any of your ancestors is mentioned in this document.

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