Apuntes Genealogicos Familia Tijerina China, General Bravo, Dr. Coss y Los Herreras

If your last name happens to be Tijerina or you are researching the Tijerina family from the area of China, General Bravo, Dr. Coss, and Los Herreras Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Then this book is for you.

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The author Ernesto Tijerina Cantu documents in this book six Generations of Tijerinas. The only complaint that I have about this book is that the author for what ever reason failed to provide any dates for the names mentioned thus, leaving the reader in the dark as to birth and death dates.

Regardless of this, I am sure this book is and will be of great help to anyone researching the Tijerina family. The only unfortunate thing is that this book is very rare and you can only find it at UTPA and other few libraries through WorldCat.

If interested, there is also genforum about the Tijerina Family and this book is mentioned there: Familia Tijerina-China y Los Herreras.

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