Las Villas Del Norte The Pena Descendancy by Carrol (Kelly) A Norquest, Jr.

I want to thank Jose Garza for pointing me to the following book. Las Villas Del Norte The Pena Descendancy by Carrol (Kelly) A Norquest, Jr. I had the opportunity of reading a copy donated by the author to the University of Texas Pan American in Edinburg Texas.

What interested me was that Jose had said that this book contained the 1874 Census for Arcabuz, Tamaulipas.  Turns out that it only referenced another book coauthored by Mr. Norquest that contained the Census. By the way I located the other book and got to see the transcription of the census.

I know, I digress, well turns out that this book Las Villas Del Norte had most of my Pena ancestors in it. As Mr. Norquest explains this book is only based on secondary sources but even at that it is very easy to trace original sources if you follow the authors trail. Also so thankful that I located this book since it has over 900 individuals covering from the late 1600’s to present day.

If you have Pena ancestry from Laredo, Revilla, Mier, Arcabuz, Miguel Aleman, Hidalgo and Starr County I highly recommend this book. Also in general, if you have Pena ancestry check it out since you never know you might find your ancestors within the pages of this book. That was the case with one of my friends Joe Gonzalez, he very easily found his great grandparents thus helping him break a brick wall that he had.

5 thoughts on “Las Villas Del Norte The Pena Descendancy by Carrol (Kelly) A Norquest, Jr.

  1. Tony Pena

    I am looking into my ancestor Joseph Antonio Pena married to Ines Camacho. Is this what this book is about?

    1. Moises Garza Post author

      Yes Tony, this book is about the descendancy of Joseph Antonio Pena and Maria Inez Camacho. It is a great work and you definitely have to check it out.

  2. Raul Peña

    Moises, I have been doing research on los Peña (Dr. Coss), I am stuck with a Francisco Xavier Peña who married Gerarda (Geralda) Alanis. I don’t know who his parents are. I am guessing that his parents could be Francisco Peña and Josefa Cantu, but can’t confirm. By this book, do any of these names show up? Or can you validate this for me? I surely would appreciate it.
    Raul Peña

    1. Moises Garza Post author

      Francisco Pena and Josefa Cantu are mentioned but not Francisco whom married Gerarda Alanis. Unfortunately Doctor Coss belonged to Cerralvo during that time period and those records are lost.

      1. Raul Peña

        Thanks for your input. So I take this book has no mention of the descendants of these Peñas. I was able to find Francisco Xavier de Peña’s death per the books through He died in 1808 in Cerralvo and his age was 70. The only other Francisco that was born in 1738 in Monterrey is a Joseph Francisco who is the son of Fransicisco Peña and Juana Cantu. So I am at a road block. The other book is “Vecinos de Cerralvo.” Do you have a copy? Curious. Gracias por la informacion! Saludos, Raul

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