by Moises Garza

September 11, 2012

Last Names of Nuevo Leon
This is the 1802 Marriage record of my 4th great grandparents Jose Carlos Valentin de La Garza Pena and Maria Gertrudis Pena. Carlo’s parents are listed as being Francisco Angel de la Garza and Maria Cayetana Pena. Gertrudis parents are listed as Antonio Garcia and Maria Quiteria Alanis. This document also demonstrates that Antonio was laready diseased by the time this marriage occurred and that she was originally from la Lajilla which is a small town not far from Carlos town of Arcabuz.

Cut out of Original Image:

Transcription of above image:

Carlos Valentin de la Garza caso con Ma. GErtrudis Garcia [?] espl. 

El dia siete de Junio de mil ochocientos y dos as. en esta Ygla. Parroql. de Zerralbo el Ba. Dn. Juan Jph de la Garza, thente de cura en ella caso Infaccie Ecclecie y Velo a Carlos Valentin de la Garza por espl. originl. y vezo. de la Jurisdicn. de Mier en el Rancho del Arcabus hijo legi. de Franco. Angel de la Garza y de Ma. Cayetana Pena, con Ma. Gertrudis Garcia ps espa. originaria y veza. de esta Jurisdicn. de Zerralbo en el Rancho de la Laxilla hija legita. de Antonio Garcia difunto y de Quiteria de Alanis haviendo precedido todas las diligencias necesarias por  [?] siendo dispensados del parentco. de consanguinidad entercer grado igual con qe. [?] logados pbo, el M. Yltie y Ve. Senor Deany Cabildo Gonz., En fede Vacante de este obispado del Nuevo Reyno de Leon, y amonestado asi en la Ygla. Parroquial, de Mier como en esta de Zerralbo en los dias nueve, quinze, y diez y seis del Immediato antecedente mes de Mayo Domo. 3o. y 4o [?] eh. y dia de Sn. Ysidro Labrador deqe. no les resulto amas del parentco., dispensado, empedimiento otro alguno qe. obstase, a lo valido Disq. Matrimo. a lo sierto por lo que lo contraxeron, siendo testigos presentes al celebrarlo Dn. Rafael Gonz. y Dn. Juan Benavidesfuera de otros motivos queconcurrieron. y porque Conste lo firmo Yo el cura con ano thente. 

Jph Alexandro de la Garza Julio de 1802 as. Ba. Juan Jose de la Garza

Source: FamilySearch

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  1. Quiteria Alanis’ mother was Maria de la Garza. Is it saying they needed a dispensation and to what degree they are related? Maria could be the sister to Francisco Angel de la Garza?

  2. I believe 3rd and 4th degrees. Unfortunately I can not locate the marriage dispensation. I did not know Quiteria’s mother was Maria de la Garza since I have not been able to locate a record saying so. I hope you can help me with this. On Francisco Javier de la Garza the same thing, I have not found any documents where his parents are named. I have contacted several people that have his parents listed but no one has been able to provide me with any citations as to where they got their info. If you can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

  3. Quiteria married Antonio Garcia November 24 1774 in Mier ,record hard to read but Petra Cantu(no) and Salvador Alanis is readable thru photo manipulation.Viviana Alanis married Pedro Regalado Garcia and both parents are readable,you can find it in the Mier marriage records on family search. Viviana and Quiteria were sisters and Pedro and Antonio were brothers. Both marriage records name Salvador Alanis as the father of the Alanis’ sisters and Petra Cantu (from Monterrey) as the mother of Garcia Brothers. I also believe that they are sisters to Maria Casilda Alanis and Gerarda Alanis both are also married to Garcia brothers, as well as each of Alanis’ are listed as padrinos on their children’s birth records. I actually think Carlos Valentine and Gertrudis may be first cousins,I could be wrong, but seems more likely they are first cousins considering the anount of intermarriage happening.

    1. I don’t think they may be first cousins since the 1750 census of Camargo lists Francisco (17 yrs) and his sister Marcelina (15 yrs). They are listed as Vela and not de la Garza since by then Phelipa had remarried to Juan Vela and by 1950 they had a baby also listed on the census. This is the only sister that I have found so far for him. I think they are more likely to be second, third or fourth cousins, but due to lack of info it is hard to determine. I have yet to do more research, I really appreciate your information if I find anything new I will let you know.

  4. Her name is actually Maria Teresa de la Garza and she married again to Juan Joseph Vela 5/3/1778 it does say she needed a dispensation but I don’t know the reason why. I found this online and in the Vecinos of Cerralvo.

    1. Dispensations at this time were given in Guadalajara, I searched for her name but could not find it. I’ll continue searching since this document can provide a lot of information.

  5. How are these Dela Garza’s and Pena/Dela Pena’s related to Eddie Dela Garza( The father of Madison Dela Garza~the young girl of desperate housewives) ??? 🙂

    Is there more Dela Garza/ Garza and Dela Pena/Pena related??? especially between mexico and Spain… 🙂 I’m interested, as well as my friend. Thank you.

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