Index to The Archivos Historicos de Monterrey

Index to The Archivos Historicos de Monterrey

In this post, you can search an online Index to The Archivos Historicos de Monterrey. Yes, the Monterrey Archives has a searchable index.

They have wealth of information dating back to the 1500’s. I can also bet you that your ancestors are listed there.

Even if you do not get copies of the original images you will get the genealogical information just form this index.

I have used this website many times and have found several documents on some of my ancestors.

Screen Shot of Archivos Historicos de Monterrey Index

Archivos Historicos de Monterrey

Here is the link to the Archivos Historicos de Monterrey Index:

BY using the above website I have mostly been finding documents dated between 1680 to 1720’s.

Almost forgot, don’t be misguided by the name, it contains documents on what used to be Nuevo Reino de Leon which includes Tamaulipas and South Texas. It also contains documents in French and English.”

When you find a document on the index, you can use the website mentioned in the related article down below to get a copy of the original record.

Happy hunting!

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4 thoughts on “Index to The Archivos Historicos de Monterrey

  1. Julia Ramirez

    Thank you for sharing this website with us.
    What years does it cover? I entered 1652 and received no hits.
    I am presenting a talk on books and databases that will assist our customers in their genealogical research.
    Would you like to share other sites that would be of help to them.

  2. Lori

    Are the actual documents still online? I have been trying for weeks to access the Archivo Historico online and I get a “Proxy Failed” message. Every other website I access works. I can get the search page, but not the actual archivos page.

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