Los Ebanos, Texas – Some Pictures

Here are some pictures of Los Ebanos, Texas that I took with my cell phone. I forgot the camera. Oh well.

From Sullivan City to Los Ebanos, Texas

Going down the hill towards Los Ebanos, Texas

Rail Road Crossing just before Los Ebanos, Texas

Sign at the entrance of town.

San Miguel Arcangel Church in Los Ebanos, Texas.

Another picture of San Miguel Arcangel Church.

Sign next to church.

Sideview of the Los Ebanos Cemetery.

Entrance to Los Ebanos Cemetery.
Entrance to Los Ebanos Cemetery closeup.
I tried to take pictures of the ferry but due to our tax payer money at work, since they are building anew port of entry building, I could not get close to get pictures. The area was closed off. Anyone can use these pictures for non commercial use as long as they link back to www.wearecousins.info.

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