1938 Marriage Index of Congregacion Arcabuz, Tamaulipas, Mexico

This is the 1938 index to the Marriages of Congregacion Arcabuz, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

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Mexico, Tamaulipas, Civil Registration, 1800-2002 > 
Miguel Alemán > Matrimonios 1931-1942 > pages 

Transcription of above image:

                        – Indice –

Acta Num.      27        Alfonso Hinojosa y Gregoria Perez                Folio    40

                        17        Benjamin MArroquin y Maximina Saenz                   24

                        11        Domingo Hinojosa y Manuela Hinojosa                     15

                        4          Eugenio Salinas y Rosa Trevino                                 5

                        28        Emeterio Salinas y Antonia Garza                              41

                        7          Felipe Reyna y Adela Pena                                         9

                        23        Felipe H. Reyna y Ruperta Reyna R.                         34

                        15        Gabino Garcia y Lilia Gonzalez                                  21

                        16        Gustavo Vasquez y Maria de los Angeles Garza        22

                        19        Guadalupe Perez y Maria Apolinar Guerra                 28

                        3          Ignacio Gonzalez y Aurora Garza                              4

                        14        Ireneo Garza y Juana Lopez                                       20

                        2          Juventino Garza y Anastacia Garza                            3

                        18        Jesus Garza y Beatris Garcia                                       26

                        21        Jose Trevino Garcia y Maria Alanis                            31

                        9          Lorenzo Garza y Manuela Lopez                                12

                        12        Manuel Hinojosa y Anastacia Trevino                        17

                        26        Matias Pena Ramirez y Petra Gonzalez                      38

                        25        Narcizo Trevino y Belia Salinas                                  37

                        6          Pablo Olivares y Catarina Garcia                                8

                        8          Pablo Pena y Agueda Gonzalez                                  11

                        10        Pablo Lopez y Modesta Garza                                    14

                        22        Pablo Garza G. y Manuela Garza Lopez                    32

                        5          Romualdo Alanis y Evangelina Garza                        7

                        1          Simon Sanchez y Evira Silva                                      2

                        13        Ubaldo Alanis y Adelaida Garza                                18

                        20        Zeferino Pena Garza y Felicitas Alanis                       29

                        24        Ventura Segovia y Carolina Gonzalez                        35 

Source: FamilySearch

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