1949 Marriage Index of Arcabuz, Tamaulipas, Mexico

This is the 1949 Marriage index of Arcabuz, Tamaulipas Mexico. Sorted by grooms last name.

Cut out of original image:

Mexico, Tamaulipas, Civil Registration, 1800-2002 > 
Miguel Alemán > Matrimonios 1943-1950

Transcript of above image:


1          Alanis Humberto                     Amanda Gloria Gonzalez       1

2          Alanis Raul                             Manuela Pena                          4

3          Alanis Brijido                          Margarita Marroquin               8

4          Botello Jesus Maria                 Elisa Saenz                              14

5          Falcon Emiliano                      Maria Dolores Botello             11

6          Hinojosa Noe                          Rumalda Ramirez                   7

7          Garza Benigno                        Ofelia Lopez                           5

8          Garza Pena Eulogio                Rumalda Trevino                    10

9          Garcia T. Pablo                       Eulalia Trevino                        12

10        Gonzalez Noe                         Bonofacia Reyna                    13

11        Gonzalez Ernestino                 Juliana Garza                           19

12        Gonzlaez Jacinto                     Luisa Garza                             21

13        Garza Marciano                       Irma Gonzalez                         22

14        Garcia Pena Gregorio              Maria del Jesus Gonzalez        27

15        Garcia Loepz Gregorio           Fidela Ofira Gonzalez             28

16        Garza Felipe                            Consuelo Garcia                      29

17        Garza Jesus Maria                   Adela Pena                              30

18        Gonzalez Lozange                  Otilia Tanguma                       31

19        Gonzalez Narciso                    Maria Trevino                          32

20        Garcia Guadalupe                   Natalia Flores                          35

21        Lerma Carlos                           Facunda Julia Marroquin        2

22        Lopez Silvestre                       Baudilia Gonzalez                   6

23        Lopez Ines                              Cayetana Garza                       17

24        Lopez Audolio                        Maria de la Luz Marroquin     23

25        Pisina Santiago                        Sanjuana Trevino                    3

26        Pena Noe                                 Maria Francisca Trevino          24

27        Reyna Eugenio                        Maria Garcia                           15

28        Salazar Rafael                         Rosa Segovia                          20

29        Sepulveda Jose                        Mercedes Reyna                     26

30        Trevino Guadalupe                 Rita honojosa                          9

31        Tovar Santos                           Teodora Trevino                      16

32        Trevino Reyes                         Trinidad Tanguma                   18

33        Trevino Rogelio                      Julia Trevino                            25

34        Trevino Rodolfo                     Rosalva Hinojosa                    34

35        Valdes Pedro                          Maxima Saenz                         33

Source: FamilySearch

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