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December 4, 2011

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

The following is a 1910 translation of a property deed made in Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico on October 9, 1888. Where my wife’s great-great-grandfather Ramon Salinas Flores and his brother Ponciano Salinas Flores bought 106 Varas by 25,000 Varas from several of their relatives. The land was originally part of portion 39 Land Grant that was owned by their great-grandfather Jose Antonio Flores. Some of the land from this purchase still continues to be owned by their descendants. It is also important to note that Ponciano and Ramon are listed as residing in San Miguel de Camargo, wich is present day Dias Ordaz, Tamaulipas. Diaz Ordaz is in front of Los Ebanos, Texas. This document also indicates that both Ponciano and Ramon were both merchants.

Deed. Fernando Flores et al To Ponciano and Ramon Salinas. For One Hundred and Six varas of land in Porcion no. 39 O. G Antonio Villarrreal. Notary-Public Office of Severo Garza Garcia.


Vol 7  615

Testimony of the sale of 106 varas front by 25,000 depth in the porcion of land number 39, situated on the left bank of the River Bravo in the County of Hidalgo, State of Texas of the United States of America, granted by messrs. Fernando and Calixto Flores and the Meadames; Sanjuana, Ygnacia, Catarina and Rafaela Flores. Rafaela and Gertrudis Garza and Juana Vela, in favor of messrs; Ponciano and Ramon Salinas, on Today’s date.

Camargo, October 9, 1888.
Consular Agency of The   |
United States at   |
Camargo, Mexico.       |I, Julius Lacaze consular agent of the United States at Camargo Mexico do testify that; “Severo Garza Garcia”, whose signature is appended to the forgoing instrument of writing, was at the time of signing the same Notary Public for Camargo and its jurisdiction, and that all his acts as such are permitted to full faith and credit both in and out of jurisdiction. Given under my hand and the seal of said, Consular Agency at Camargo Mexico this 5th day of November A.D. 1888 and of the Independence of the United States the One Hundred and Twelfth.

(Signed) Julian Locaze
Consular Agent
Camargo, Oct. 9 1888..Oct. 9, 1888.
One 50ct. Stamp.Two 10ct. Stamps.
In the city of Camargo, Tamaulipas, at 4:30 P.M., on Tuesday, Oct. ninth, of One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty-eight, before me, the citizen, Severo Garza Garcia, Notary Public, and subscribing witnesses; whose names are herein after expressed, appeared before me the mesdames, – Sanjuana Flores, Rafaela and Gertrudis Garza; Juana Vela; Ignasia, Catarina, and Rafaela Flores and messrs Fernando and Calixto Flores; and Don Ponciano Salinas, this last named for himself and in his brothers name, Don Ramon of the same surname for whom he duly testifies; all of full age and neighbors of this same City, with their respective residence in the congregation of San Miguel de Camargo,

D/R Vol. 7

some, and others of the Laja Ranch of this jurisdiction, of whom, I notary Public, certify in legal capacity to know, and accordingly as the first, fourth and sixthsixth named, widows, express it; the second, fifth and seventh named, married, respectively, to the messrs, Perfecto Vela, Pedro Gutierrez, and Ramon Gonsalez; the third, a feme sole; the eigth, ninth and tenth named, married; the two first, farmers and the last mentioned, merchant and they stated: that consulting their own natural interests, have agreed upon the Purchase of One Houndred Six varas front by Twenty Five Thousand depth that the nine first named recognize and Claim in porcion of land no. Thirty Nine, that have been duly surveyed as being of the Municipality of Reynosa, and is one to-day of those which remained in the State of Texas, by its being situated on the left bank of the Bravo River, in Hidalgo Co. State of Texas of United States of North America, for wich purpose the messrs, Perfecto Vela, Pedro Gutierrez and Ramon Gonsalez who also have appeared at this transaction, whom I certify to know in legal capacity, married, and of this same neighborhood, said; That they allowed their respective wives. the aforsaid, Dona Rafaela Garza, Dona Ygnacia and Dona Rafaela Flores, the marital license, cited in Article Two Hundred Seven, in the Civil Constitutional Code, so they may transfer their rights, that by inheritance they recognize in the aforstated porcion of land, no. Thirty Nine, and to bring the Contract to the broadest form of lawful rights, they convey it by means of the present deed. under the following Clauses: First, That the aformentioned Dona Sanjuana Flores, Dona Rafaela and Dona Gertrudis Garza, Dona Juana Vela, Dona Ygnacia, Dona Catarina and Dona Rafaela Flores adn Messrs, Fernando and Calixto Flores, each Recognize a right in the aforsaid porcion no. Thirty Nine, in the following form:

Dona Sanjuana Flores, Claims Twenty-eight varas front, by Twenty-five Thousand depth, which she inherited from her father, Don Rafael Flores Garcia, son of Don Segundo Flores, who was a son of Don Antonio Flores

D/R Vol. 7

proprietor of said porcion of land: Dona Rafaela and Dona Gertrudis Garza, Claim Fourteen, varas, each, in the front part, with the depth corresponding, by inheritance from their mother, dec’d; Dona Antonia Flores who was a daughter of the expressed Don Rafael Flores y Garcia, the same as the preceding: Dona Juana Vela Claims Thirteen Varas, in the front and the stated depth, by inheritance from her mother, Dona Guadalupe Garza, daughter of Dona Ygnacia Flores, daughter of the same proprietor, Don Antonio of the same surname: Dona Catarina and Dona Rafael Flores, each claims four varas in the front by the stated depth, inherited from their father, Don Matias Flores, dec’d, son of Segundo Flores, who also was a son of the proprietor, Don Antonio Flores. Second, That the aforsaid porcion of land, no. Thirty-nine is Composed of twenty one cordeles, front, by five leagues depth, and is bounded on the east by porcion no. Forty, owned by the succesion of Dona Gertrudis Flores, and others of the descendence of Anotnio Flores; on the west-by porcion no. Thirty-eight, owned by the same; on the south which is the heading, by the Rio Grandre River, and on the north by lands which, at the time this porcion was purchased by the proprietor, were State Land Property, and is not known today exactly by whom they are owned. Third, That it being agreed upon the transfer of the part whish each aforsaid party claims, in the first clause, in the given form, the forementioned, Dona Sanjuana Flores, Dona Rafaela and Dona Gertrudis Garza, Dona Juana Vela, Don Fernando, Don Calixto, Dona Ygnacia, Dona Catarina and Dona Rafaela Flores acknowledge: that they do hereby grant and lawfully convey the One Houndred Varas front by Twenty Five Thousand depth, that they own jointly in the established order in the expressed porcion of land in favor of the gentlemen Don Ponciano and Don Ramon Salinas y Flores, are half to each, for the amount of of One One Hundred and Six Dollars, ($106), the price

D/R Vol. 7618

agreed upon, wich they acknowledged to have received before this transaction of the grantees, in equal parts in silver money, Mexican Coin common and current to their entire satisfaction; and it theirs not at present delivered, and in conformity to Article Seventy-eight of Code of Civil Proceedings, they renounce the execution of money not received wich they could oppose and they allow as transpired the two years that is expressed in Article One Thousand Two Hundred Two on the Civil Code and make formal in favor of the grantees the most purest and conclusive note of payments of the aforsaid sum of One Hundred and six ($106). for such as corresponds to each of the grantors. Fourth, That this sum of One Hundred and Six Dollars, ($106), Silver, is the just price of the part of land sold by this deed and therefore the breach wich is quoted in Article One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Two of the Civil Code; but should it exist in a large or small amount, the excess is hereby mutually donated, merely, purely, perfectly, and irrevocably whish is legally recognized as intirvinuos with direct and indirect rights, each part renouncing all nullification rights, and the lapse of four years in which to excersise it as it is accorded in Article One Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy Four of the Same Code. Fifth. The joint grantors in the first Clause bind themselves in favor of the grantees, to warrant ans assure this transaction according to legal rights,a nd declare under protest not ahving sold, mortgaged, nor transfered in any way to any person the rights conveyed by this instrument to the grantees, Don Ponciano and Don Ramon Salinas. Sixth. The expressed Don Ponciano and Don Ramon Salinas acknowledge the receipt of the One Hundred and Six varas front by Twenty-five Thousand Depth in the porcion of land mentioned and Don Ponciano accepts this writing in all its parts in the name of both, stating that all expenses

D/R Vol. 7619

emenating therefrom including legalization of the signature of the Notary Public who signs herein, are are subject to his account. and it having been read to grantees, before the witnesses, subscribing herinto and instructing them in the contents of the stated Articles, at the same time, and they were satisfied with its terms; being acquainted to their satisfaction of tis value and the forces conveyed in the clauses in it stipulated. It was then granted; being witnesses: Don Marin Garza y Garza and Don Leandro Ramon, both, married, of full age, with their respective residences in the congregation of San Miguel de Camargo. the first, merchant, and the second, farmer, with whom. Don Perfecto Vela, Don Fernando and Don Calixto Flores and Don Ponciano Salinas signed, not having done so, Dona Sanjuana Flores, Dona Rafaela and Dona Gertrudis Garza, Dona Juana Vela, Dona Ygnacia, Dona Catarina and Dona Rafaela Flores, they having expressed their inability to do so, but upon request the following gentlemen do it respectively; Jesus Villarreal, Perfecto Vela, Santos Salinas, Juan Manuel and Fernando Flores I certify: By request of my mother San Juana Flores, Jesus Villarreal. For my wife, Rafaela Garza and for my sister-in-law, Gertrudis Garza, I sign at their request. Perfecto Vela Balli. For my mother – Dona Juana Vela, Santos Salinas. Calixta Flores, on request of Dona Juana and Dona Rafaela Flores Juan M. Flores. – Ponciano Salinas For myself and my sister, Catarina Flores, I sign. Fernando Flores. – Marin Garza y Garza. Leandro Ramon. Before me: Severo Garza Garcia. N. P. These are one sign and ten serandos. I the Notary Public, who sign and firm, authorize the writing of transaction, which this testimony contracts and in virtue of which, I give this first copy to Mr. Ponciano Salinas, and of the purchasers, in four leaves stamped with the corresponding stamps, dully cancelled the original writing to which I refer, remaining in the Register of Public Instruments, by me granted in the last six months of the coursing year, marked with the figure Twenty-eight, occupying the folios from One Hundred and Four to One Hundred Seven. This first copy

D/R Vol. 7620

being inscribed on its margin of whose comparison ans correctness the same were witnesses as of the deed, on the date and place states: I certify: Effaced: Garza not valid: I certify.

In testimony of the truth
(Signed) Severo Garza garcia
E. P.          (Scrant)
Having suspended today by mutual consent our collective commercial business. this preceding document remains in favor of my partner Ramon Salinas, with all its value and faver
San Miguel de Camargo, Dec, 26, 1892
(Signed) Ponciano Salinas
I accept this writing.
(Signed) Ramon Salinas,
Ponciano S. Barrientes(Signed) Mateo Diaz.
(Sign) By Ma. Juana Saens
(Signed) Pedro P. Salinas.
(Signed) By Florencia Rivas.
(Signed) Juan N. Salinas.
The State of Texas|
County of Hidalgo|I Nellie Schunnior, do solemly swear that the foregoing is a true and correct transaction from the Spanish to the English Language of the Original hereto attached, to the best of my knowledge and belief, So Help me God!
Nellie Schunnior
Sworn to and prescribed before me this the 6th. day of Jan. a. D. 1908.
SealN. Schunnior J.P.P. No. 5, and
Ex-Officio Notary Public, for Hidalgo
County Texas.
Escritaria Publica De Severo Garza Garcia

Note: The document that I transcribed had another six pages in Spanish of which this translation came from.


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  1. What happened to these porciones, 38, 39 & 40? Did Jose Antonio give them to only one son? Doesn’t his will state that he died owner of these porciones? He is my ancestor also, but not through Segundo.

    1. Janie Cantu, Jose Antonio Flores left a will dated 1803 and left to his forever heirs with his middle wife Isabel Salinas. My family is descended from them through their daughter Maria Gertrudes Flores she married Pedro Villarreal. Please email me for any information that I have, I would love to share. thank you. my email is [email protected]

  2. First time I came to San Miguel I was 12 year old ….When I was 9 we came from San Juan TX. (September1953) to a ranch name Guadalupe the owner was Don Fidel Cuellar Vice-President of Reynosa Tamps. From there we move to a ranch name El Refugio closer to San Miguel (1954) after that we moved to another ranch name 22 de Abril …. (1956) and back to El Refugio (1957) and finally in 1960 we went to live in San Miguel de Camargo when I spent 20 years and finally came to Houston TX in 1974 ……But San Miguel will be in my heart for ever ……. My first job at age 15 was at Casa Corral …..owner was Don Polo Corral ……….

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