1949 School Picture in La Palmita, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Bellow you will find the 1949 school picture of La Palmita, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. I came across it couple of years ago when a coworker Martin Ramos asked me about genealogy and he told me that his family was originally form La Palmita and that he had a book that he wanted to share with me. That book was “La Palmita Muerte Entre Las Lomas” by Armando Leal Rios. It is form that book that I share the following information with you.

May 25, 1949 School Picture

Picture is from Armando Leal Rios book La Palmita Muerte Sobre Las Lomas page 110.

Escuaela Rural Federal La Palmita, Los Aldamas, Nuevo Leon Mexico

First Row: Adolfo Regalado, Roberto Salinas, Edelmiro Pulido. Isidro Regalado, Arturo Leal Salinas, Agapita Ramos, Eva Salinas, Elda Ramos, Maria Regalado, Hortensia Solis, Candelaria Leal, Evangelina Ramos, Irma Solis Leal.

Second Row: Americo Leal, Jose Alanis, Esteban Ramos, Luz Leal Regalado, Luz Regalado, Aaron Pulido, Prof. Leopoldo Martinez, Ma. Atoche Solis, Minerva Salinas, Irma Ramos, Ofelia Ramos, Maria Garza, Josefa Ramos, Josefina Ramos.

Third Row: Benito Salinas, Pedro Garza, Aristeo Salinas, Americo Garcia, Arturo Salinas, Federico Garza, Federico Pulido, Efren Garza, Severo Salinas, Candelario Garza, Serapio Garza, Hernan Regalado, Jesus Salinas, Benigno Salinas.

Fourth Row: Leonel Pulido, Nerio Ramos, Guadalupe Ramos, Jesus Maria Leal, Jesus Ramos, Antonio Pulido, Clara Ramos, Olivia Garza, Clara Salinas, Antonia Ramos, Maura Garza, Manuela Salinas, Maria Pulido, Elisa Leal, Mercedes Regalado, Francisca Ramos.

Fifth Row: Juan Salinas, Martin Salinas, Gustavo Garza, Margarito Ramos, Arturo Garza, Higinio Salinas, Guadalupe Salinas, Cruz Ramos, Arturo Salinas, Santos Leal.

Sixth Row: Froilan Solis, Rafael Salinas, Armando Leal Rios, Macario Salinas, Albento Ramos, Nereo Ramos, Horacio Solis, Fidel Angel Salinas.

If you are from La Palmita I highly recommend that you check out the Facebook Group about this small town: https://www.facebook.com/groups/164100413747209/


Leal, A. R. (1982) La Palmita Muerte Entre Las Lomas (pp. 110-111), Universidad Autonoma Nuevo Leon.

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