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Texas Land Grants

Did your ancestor ever receive a Land grant from the Spanish Government or the State of Tamaulipas? If your answer is yes it is very likely that you will find it on the website for the Texas General Land Office.

What the Texas General Land Office has to Offer

The Texas land grant database contains over 4,200 land titles issued by Spain and Mexico from 1720 to 1836 covering 26 million acres. It also offers other collections for a total of 656,129 records.

You can get a full description of it or start searching for your ancestors at the land grant search.

This is an example of one of the results for one of my wife’s ancestors:

County:  Hidalgo
Abstract Number:  83
Adj County:  Starr
District/Class:  San Patricio 1st
File Number:  000753
Original Grantee:  Flores, Segundo
Patentee:  Flores, Segundo
Title Date: 
Patent Date:  13 Aug 1881
Patent No:  500
Patent Vol:  23
Certificate:  106
Part Section: 
Survey/Blk/Tsp:  27
Acres:  13322.20
Adj Acres:  903

I hope that you find this resource useful and helpful in your research. Let me know about your finds.

2 thoughts on “Texas General Land Office, Land Grant Search

  1. Chris Martinez

    Hi Moses;
    Thanks for the link on Land Grants I found my great grandfather in Atascosta county Poteet Texas who were on this Land Grant Sight. Mathis Agilar

    1. Moises Garza Post author

      I am glad I was able to help you. FYI, The Texas Land Grant Office publishes a book with all this information and more titled “New guide to Spanish and Mexican land grants in south Texas”.

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