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1920 Civil Marriage of Yldefonso Zamora Mendoza and Felipa Rios Gonzalez in Los Aldamas, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The following is the 1920 Civil Marriage transcription of Yldefonso Zamora Mendoza and Felipa Rios Gonzalez. Yldefonso Zamora Mendoza is my great-grandfather though my mothers paternal side of the family. He was the father of Juan Tanguma my grandfather. Elena Tanguma had him out of wedlock with Yldefonso. You can check out the family group on my previous post. This document lists Yldefonso’s parents as being Gabino Zamora and Paula Mendoza. They are the same as listen in Luis Zamor’a Baptism.

Original Image:

FamilySearch > Mexico, Nuevo León, Civil Registration, 1859-1962 > Los Aldamas > Matrimonios 1909-1923

Transcription of Original Image:

Matrimonio No. (Numero) 19 del Sr. Yldefonso Zamora; y la Seta (Senorita) Felipa Rios

Acta numero (44) cuarenta y cuatro En la Villa de Los Aldamas Estado de Nuevo leon a las (7) siete de la noche del dia (4) cuatro de Octubre de 1,920 hallandome constituido en la casa del Sr. (Senor) Lucio Pena mayor de edad casado labrador y de esta vecindad, ante mi el C. Anastacio Cantu Juez del Registro Civil en esta Municipalidad comparecieron con objeto de celebrar su matrimonio el Sr. (Senor) Yldefonso Zamora ser soltero de (30) treinta anos de edad labrador hijo legitimo del Sr. (Senor) Gabino Zamora y de la Sra. (Senora) Paula Mendoza y la segunda selibe de 16 dieciseis anos de edad hija legitima del Senor Andres Rios ya finado y de la Sra. (Senora) Ma. (Maria) Del Pilar Gonzalez originarios de C. (Ciudad) Mier Tamaulipas con residencia en la Congregacion El Arcabuz Jurisdicion de C. (Ciudad) Mier Tamaulipas. Agregaron que habiendo trascurrido el termino fijado por la ley para las publicaciones que se hicieron: declarado por los testigos en el acta de la presentacion no haber impedimiento que los inhabilite para el matrimonio ratificado un consentimiento y llenado los requicitos que la ley previene para la validez de este contrato: piden al presente Juez autorise su union. En virtud de ser cierto lo expuesto por los contrayentes les interrogue si es su voluntad unirse en matrimonio y habiendo contestado afirmativamente. Yo el Juez hise la solemne y formal declaracion que sigue: En nombre de la sociedad declaro en perfecto legitimo e indosuluble matrimonio el Senor Yldefonso Zamora y a laSenorita Felipa Rios. Fueron testigos de este acto los Senores Juan Mendiola y Ygnacio Salinas de este origen y vecindad. Con lo que termino la presente que leida que les fue la ratificaron y firmaron los que supieron hacerlo con migo el Juez: Doy fe.

Anastacio Cantu

Yldefonso Zamora Mendoza and Elena Tanguma Ramirez – A Love Story

This is a story about my great grandparents Yldefonso Zamora Mendoza and Elena Tanguma Ramirez. Growing up I had heard the following story over and over again from my mother San Juana Tanguma and this is how I remember hearing it;

One day Elena was getting water from the ranch’s pond, when Yldefonso saw her as he passed by and since no one else was around he took advantage of her by raping her. As a result she ended up pregnant with my grandfather Juan Tanguma. It is said by my mother San Juana Tanguma that my great-grandmother Elena Tanguma did not want my grandfather and when he was born trew him against a mesquite to try to kill him. Then his brother Toribio Tanguma my grandfather’s uncle took him away from her and raised him up as his own son and even gave him his last name. Elena never married and she only had my grandfather. When Juan was older he recognized Yldefonso as his father and also recognized all his half brothers.

Then one day my cousin Eddie Tanguma told me a different story and I tried to correct it but it turned out that his dad (my uncle) was right. The following story is the correct one and this is how my aunt Ernestina Tanguma (the eldest of my mothers siblings) said it happened;

Yldefonso and Elena met and he tried to court her but every-time that he would build up the courage to go and visit her, Elena’s mother Leandra Ramirez would chase him off with a machete in hand. She was very protective of her and never approved that he would have anything to do with her daughter. Then one day Yldefonso stole her and they left to Zacatecas where he was from. Unfortunately at that time the Mexican Revolution was in full swing and they had to come back to Tamaulipas. The reasons are not clear but she came back to her parents home and by that time she was pregnant with my grandfather Juan Tanguma. Leandra was the midwife when Juan was born and once she had the baby in her hands she ran outside the Jacal and threw him against one of the orcones (supporting mesquite wood beam) of the front porch trying to kill him since such was her hate for Yldefonso and her disapproval of their relationship. When she noticed that the baby was still alive she ran to grab him to finish what she started but her son Toribio Tanguma got to him first and protected the baby. The baby had an arm and several broken ribs.

My aunt stated that she meet her grandfather Yldefonso and that he used to say that he would always be in love with Elena and that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever meet. My aunt states that she never meet her since she stated that she and her parents lived in Texas around the Corpus Christi area. My mother remembers seeing her once when she visited the family and she stated that she was very beautiful with real pretty blond hair. She is buried in the cemetery of Los Trevinos, Tamaulipas, Mexico but her grave has no dates on it and I have not been able to find any additional information on her parents, her brother or her. The search is not over and I hope to interview the rest of my aunts and uncles.

Yldefonso did marry again in 1920 and I will be posting the transcription of that document soon. You can also see his family group on my previous post.

Why two Stories?

Well my grandfather Juan Tanguma was born out of wedlock and her mother Leandra Tanguma tried to conceal the truth from everyone, by instead saying that her daughter had been raped. People at the ranch in Mexico see me and mention to me that I am pure Zamora and that I look exactly like the Zamora’s. I don’t mind since they have told me and my siblings that same thing since we were kids. Just wandering if there is a third story if anyone knows another version please let me know.

Yldefonso Zamora His Wives and His Children

1st Generation

Yldefonso Zamora (my great-grandfather) was born About 23 Jan 1886 in Mier, Tamaulipas to Gabino Zamora and Marta Garza. I have yet to find any documents with his death date.  He married 1st Felipa Rios on Oct. 4, 1920 in Los Aldamas, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Felipa, daughter of Andres Rios and Pilar Gonzalez, was born About 1904 and died on an unknown date. He met 2nd Elena Tanguma (my great-grandmother), daughter of Juan Tanguma Pena and Leandra Ramirez Martinez. Continue reading

Zamora’s Rancho La Mecca Cemetery

Years ago while driving by on our way to Rancho El Ebanito (the family ranch in Los Guajillos, Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, Mexico) I saw tombstones from the road.

I asked my father Lauro Garza about them and he stated that that was the cemetery of Los Zamora’s and my mother San Juana Tanguma stated that my grandfather’s father Yldefonso Zamora was buried there as well as his parents. This might explain why I have not been able to locate their burial place since this might just be it.

This happened in the 1990’s and by around 2006 the land around the cemetery was sold the monte was cut down and the tombstones could no longer be seen, it can just be assumed that they were also destroyed but if that is the case this is still the location were the cemetery should be located at.

Once the drug violence stops, I will go and find out if they were destroyed or if they are just covered by the tall grass. The following is a picture of the piece of land where the cemetery should be located at, the red circle mark’s the spot.

Source: “Zamora’s Cemetery” 26°14’16.14″ N  99°08’03.60″ W. Google Earth. September 30, 2010. May 23, 2011.

Luis Zamora Rios – Baptism and Death Story

When I was just a small kid I used to hear my mother Sanjuana Tanguma Lopez tell the story of how Luis Zamora died. Luis was my mothers half uncle since he and her father Juan Tanguma where half brothers. Their fathers name was Yldefonso Zamora Mendoza. Luis’s baptism record was the key to finding who Yldefonso’s parents where. The following image can be found in the 24th Baptismal Book of La Parroquia de Mier in Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Baptism Image:

Click to enlarge.


No 164
En la Yglesia Parroquial de Mier Tam. a los doce dias del mes de Noviembre
de mil novecientos veintedos el infrascrito cura Economo de ella bautizo
solemnemente a un nino quien puso por nombre Luis nacido en esta
ciudad en el veinte cinco de Agosto de mil novecientos veinteuno, hijo
natural de Yldefonso Zamora y Felipa Rios. Abuelos paternos Ga-
bino Zamora y Paula Mendoza. Abuelos Maternos Andres Rios y Pi-
lar Gonzalez advirtio su obligacion y parentesco espirit-
tual a los padrinos que fueron Francisco y Ramona Gonzalez Pa-
ra constancia lo Firmo

                              Padre L. Llamas Flores

Death at an early age:

According to my mother, family lore states that the day that Luis died there was a dance (baile) in El Nogalito, Municipio de Miguel Aleman Tamaulipas, a nearby town only a few miles away from La Mecca (the Zamora’s ranch).

She stated that that night Luis went to the dance and that while there someone cut open his throat with a knife. He was in his teens, about 17 years old, when this happened. She stated that Luis died in his mothers arms. My mother stated that Luis’s mother, Felipa Rios,  keep her clothing and his clothes all covered with blood.

She stated that when ever she would bring them out she would weep due to a pain only known to mothers whose children have died. When asked my mother stated that they never found out who killed Luis.

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