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Governors of the Province of Nuevo Santander Present Day Tamaulipas Mexico and South Texas

Many of our ancestors lived in the Spanish province of Nuevo Santander and some even helped forge it with their own resources and hard work. Nuevo Santander is now present day Tamaulipas, Mexico and South Texas was founded by José de Escandón and named for his native province in Spain. It was designated as a province by viceregal order in September 3, 1746.

The following is a list of all governors of Nuevo Santander up until 1821 when Mexico won it’s independence from Spain. let me know if any of your ancestors is listed. Continue reading

100 Years of Jim Hogg County History – South Texas History Volume 1 Issue 1

I don’t remember how I came across this publication “South Texas History” but I am glad that I came across it. So far there are 8 published Issues. In the future two months I will be posting one each week on this blog.

South Texas History is published once per month and it’s purpose is to publish History about South Texas including photographs and family stories. The reason that I am sharing this Magazine with you all is because you never know, you might find your ancestors listed within the pages of this magazine. Continue reading

Captain Blas Maria de la Garza Falcon Colonizer of South Texas

The following is an excellent book about Blas Maria de la Garza Falcon whom was the son of General Blas de la Garza Falcon (1673-1736), governor of the province of Coahuila from 1723 to 1729 and 1733 to 1735, and Dona Beatriz de Villarreal. He was born in or near Monterrey, Nuevo Leon in 1712. He married Dona Catarina Gomez de Castro whom was the daughter of Don Antonio Gomez de Castro and Dona Nicolasa Baez de Trevino, on January 1, 1731 at the mining town of Boca de Leones, present day Villaldamas, Nuevo Leon , Mexico. Continue reading

Cameron County Records on Microfilm at The University of Texas Pan American

UTPAbroncsThe following are all the records that are microfilmed and available at the University of Texas Pan American in regards to Cameron County Texas. You can see the entry at the UTPA Library Catalog.

I just wished that the Starr County and Hidalgo County Records would have been microfilmed as Cameron’s Records since they are more complete and contain much more information.


This is their description:

Publication Info. Austin : Texas State Library, 1990.

Description 74 reels

Film#                Description
1016150 Declaration of Citizenship, 1871-1890
1016151 Reverse Index to Civil Minutes A-K Defendants prior to 1952
1016152 Reverse Index to Civil Minutes L-Z Defendants prior to 1952
1016153 Direct Index to Civil Minutes A-K Plaintiff prior to 1952
1016154 Direct Index to Civil Minutes L-Z Plaintiff prior to 1952
1016155 District Court Minutes, 1849-1858 ; District Court Records, 1858-1866
1016156 District Court Records, 1866-1878
1016157 District Court Records, 1878-1892
1016158 District Court Criminal Minutes, 1892-1902 ; District Court Civil Minutes, 1892-1906
1016159 District Court Criminal Minutes, 1902-1914 ; District Court Civil Minutes, 1906-1911
1016160 District Court Records, 1849-1866
1016161 District Court Records, 1866-1873 ; District Court Minutes, 1873-1878
1016162 District Court Original Minutes, 1884-1892
1016163 General Index to Deeds Grantee vol.1, 1848-1911
1016164 Real Estate records A-B, 1848-1850
1016165 Real Estate records E-F, 1851-1857
1016166 Real Estate records G-H, 1857-1865
1016167 Real Estate records suppl. A-B, 1866-1867; trans. A1,1867-1870
1016168 Real Estate records suppl. C, 1870-1873; Real Estate records suppl. D, 1873-1878
1016169 Real Estate records suppl. E, 1878-1882; Real Estate records suppl. F, 1882-1885
1016170 Mortgages & Deed of trust direct index A-K, 1848-1945
1016171 Mortgages & Deed of trust direct index L-Y, 1848-1945
1016172 Mortgages & Deed of trust reverse index A-K, 1848-1945
1016173 Mortgages & Deed of trust, reverse index, L-Z, 1848-1945
1016174 Deed of trust & misc. 1882-1892
1016175 General index to Probates vol.1, 1848-1924; Journal (Probate) vol.A, 1848-1851; Records (Probate), 1851-1858; Probate minutes vol.B, 1851-1858
1016176 Probate minutes vol. C, 1859-1876; vol. D, 1865-1870; Transcribed vol. D, 1866-1870; vol. E, 1870-1880
1016177 Probate minutes vol. F, 1880-1883; vol. G, 1879-1890
1016178 Probate minutes vol. H, 1889-1900; vol. I, 1896-1900
1016179 Probate minutes vol. J-K, 1900-1907
1016180 Probate minutes vol. L-M, 1907-1912
1016181 Civil minutes-County Court, 1867-1910
1016182 (Naturalization) Declarations of intentions, 1879-1930
1016182-2 Declarations of intentions, 1876-1880, 1882-1906; Declaration Record, 1895-1909; Naturalization record, 1900-1904
1016183 Index to marriage records-groom, 1848-1948
1016184 Index to marriage records-bride, 1848-1943
1016185 Marriage record vol. A, 1848-1855; vol. B, 1865-1869; vol. C, 1866-1867; suppl. B-C1867-1871
1016186 Marriage record vol. D-E, 1871-1881; vol. F, 1863-1887
1016187 Marriage record vol. G-H, 1887-1905
1016188 Marriage record vol. I-J, 1905-1912
203101 Plat books vol. 1-12; Index to plats and maps
203102 Survey record vol. A, 1881-1938; transcribed vol. A, 1881-1909; vol. B, 1870-1928; vol. D, 1938-1940
203103 Assessor’s abstracts vol. 1, 1945-1946; vol. 2, 1945-1956
203104 Assessor’s abstracts vol. 3, 1945-1946; Index to subdivisions
2321370 Birth record, 1917-1936
2321371 Birth record, 1936-1943
2321372 Birth record, 1943-1946
2321492 Death record, 1949-1955
2321493 Death record, 1955-1959
2321494 Death record, 1959-1962
2321495 Death record, 1962-1965
2321498 Death record 1974-1977
2321672 Death record, 1916-1917; Cemetery record, 1839-1900
2321673 Burial permit record, 1870-1938, 1940-1950
2322624 Death record, 1910-1916
1031-02 Tax rolls, 1886-1900
1031-03 Tax rolls, 1900-1910
3116 Tax rolls Ausaldexan, A-Garza, Manuel, 1848-1886
2701 Tax rolls Garza, Manuel-Garcia, N. P., 1886-1900
2695 Tax rolls Garcia, Nestora P.-Brown, W. F., 1900-1910

Subject Public records — Law and legislation — Texas — Cameron County. Cameron County (Tex.) — History — Sources.

Other Title Texas county records

I hope you found this post useful, if you like you can check the previous posts about Cameron’s neighboring counties on the following links. If you need anything that is contained within these films and don’t have access yourself look at my services page.


Hidalgo County Records on Microfilm at The University of Texas Pan American

UTPAbroncsOn a previous post I wrote about the Starr County records available at the University of Texas Pan American. On this post I will let you know what records are available on microfilm concerning Hidalgo County, Texas.



The Following is what I found on their Catalog:

Publication Info. Austin : Texas State Library, 1990.

Description 43 reels

1017237 Deed records, 1852-1927
1017238 Index to deeds direct vol. D-H, 1852-1927
1017239 Index to deeds direct vol. I-M, 1852-1927
1017240 Index to deeds direct vol. N-S, 1852-1927
1017241 Index to deeds direct vol. T-Z, 1852-1927
1017242 Index to deed reverse vol. A-C, 1852-1927
1017243 Index to deeds reverse vol. D-H, 1852-1927
1017244 Index to deeds reverse vol, I-R, 1852-1927
1017245 Index to deeds reverse vol. S-Z, 1852-1927
1017246 Index to deeds direct vol. C, 1852-1927
1017247 Deed record vol. A, 1852-1883; vol. B, 1853-1883; vol. C, 1877-1882
1017248 Deed record vol. D, 1882-1888
1017249 Deed record transcript vol. A, 1854-1896; suppl. vol. B, 1880-1912
1017250 Deed record transcript vol. A-B, 1852-1883; C-D, 1877-1888
1017251 Index to maps, 1800’s-1900’s
1017252 General index to marriages vol. A-Z, 1869-1857
1017253 Marriage record vol. A, 1852-1869; vol. B, 1869-1883; vol. C, 1880-1882; vol. D, 1883-1888
1017254 Index to probate minutes, 1800’s-1900’s; Probate minutes vol. A, 1852-1880; vol. A-1, 1853-1880; vol. B, 1880-1891

1017255 Probate minutes vol. C, 1889-1904; vol. D, 1904-1911
1017256 Index to civil minutes, 1800’s-1900’s; Inventory record vol. B, 1881-1913; Minutes of County Court, 1852-1878; Minutes of County Court vol. B, 1876-1894; Minutes of County Court vol. 2, 1895-1915
1017257 District and County Court minutes vol. A, 1853-1866; District Court minutes vol. B, 1887-1898
1017258 District Court minutes vol. D, 1899-1912
110801 Tax rolls Jesus Acuna-Diego Perez, 1852-1905
110802 Tax rolls Ventura Yanez-Railroad, Telegraph…, 1905-1910
2108.01 Survey record index, 1881-1921; Jim Hogg County Survey record, 1913-1941
2108.02 Field notes vol. B, 1881-1905; vol. C, 1896-1941; vol. D, 1883-1890.

Subject Public records — Law and legislation — Texas — Hidalgo County. Hidalgo County (Tex.) — History — Sources.
Other Title Texas county records

Happy hunting for those records. If you need for me to look for a record or get you a copy of anything on these microfilms look at my services page for pricing.

Indians, Padres, Settlers, Ranchers, Farmers, and Education – History in A Mural

I grew up in La Grulla, in South Texas. This small quiet town is only a few miles away from the river bordering Mexico and about 60 miles from where I was born and raised. When I was going through Jr. High I used to see the following mural each day for three years, 6th – 8th grade, and never got tired of seeing it. It would cause many questions and also remind me of the small Mexican town of El Arcabuz. El Arcabuz used to have a similar mural but instead of depicting the heritage of its area as the following picture does.  The one in El Arcabuz depicted the rise and birth of a nation, depicting characters as Miguel Hidalgo and Benito Juarez. I wish I had a picture of the one in Arcabuz but I don’t, I asked on their facebook page to see if anyone has one.

This is the Mural at the La Grulla Middle School taken by Jimmy Martinez

La Grulla Middle School MuralYou can see Jimmy’s post in Facebook and according to comments on face book the mural was painted in 1976 – 1978 by  Mr. Sergio Higareda.

As you can see the mural depicts this areas rich heritage and history. Starting with the indigenous people and then the effort of the church to Christianize them. Then we see the the Spaniard rule by the sword and the ranching that ensued. Then this area became part of the United States and towards the end we see farming that still continues to this date. Finally science and education.

Irish Lives Remembered A Resource to Help You Research Your Irish Ancestors

Irish Lives RememberredBelieve it or not there are many people in South Texas and Northeastern Mexico with Irish ancestors. I know this because of this regions rich history and the names that I occasionally come across on the church and civil indexes.

On the 8th of January Chris Paton made me aware through Google+ about Irish Lives Remembered a Genealogy Community and its free magazine.

I already downloaded two issues and they are great. Even if you don’t have Irish ancestors I recommend you read them since it is always helpful to see whats available and the stories are great.

You can visit this website here http://irishlivesremembered.com/magazines.html and can read more about the Irish in Mexico at wikipidia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_immigration_to_Mexico.

Have fun and enjoy!

Survival The Historical Heritage of La Grulla, Texas 1749 – 1974 a thesis by Narciso A. Guerra and Imelda G. Guerra

I found this book at the University of Texas Pan American’s Special collections. If you are from La Grulla or just want to know more about it I highly recommend the following book. “Survival The Historical Heritage of La Grulla, Texas 1749 – 1974 a thesis by Narciso A. Guerra and Imelda G. Guerra”.

The authors also list their family connection to the first Longorias of La Grulla. You can also find a full map of La Grulla.

I just wish I had more time to go over it since you are not allowed to take it out of the Library I just quickly browsed through it.

If anyone else knows about any other books about La Grulla or it’s people let me know so that I can lsit them here.

Anita Flores, Tragedy at Los Guaraches Ranch, Hidalgo County, Texas

While doing some research I came across the following news paper article about a young girl named Anita Flores and how she was murdered in front of her family. The story was posted at the Brownsville Daily Herald (Brownsville, Tex.), Vol. 12, No. 248, Ed. 1, Thursday, April 21, 1904. Two names that are not common and stood out from the article were Zenobio Flores and his son Cresencio Flores.  Continue reading

South Texas Resources at Linkpendium

Linkpendium Logo

I recently read about Linkpendium on Google + and was amazed at the wealth of Genealogical information that can be found by using them. They also have a state by state search engine that will let you search up to 2,648,502 pages of free genealogical data with a single query. Give it a try it is very useful to anyone doing Genealogical Research or research for Family History. If you want more information Continue reading