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The Families of Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume Four

The fourth Volume of the series “The Families of Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume Four” was just released and published by Crispin Rendon this past October 31st.

Cover of The Families of Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume Four

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Stakeholder 2012 Genealogy Year End Report – Email From Crispin Rendon

I received the following email from Crispin Rendon yesterday.

This email is going out to the 459 people found in my genealogy address book (stakeholders).

Stakeholder 2012 Genealogy Year End Report,

 The database has grown to over 271,000 records, up 33,000 records from the year 2011. Over 600 records, on average, were added weekly. Some of these records came from the research required to complete the sixteen volume series on the Families of General Teran, Nuevo Leon. That series blossomed into an attempt to create genealogies for every one of the thousands of couples that were married in the General Teran Catholic Church for a period of over 100 years.  The research for the published three volume Families of Santiago, Nuevo Leon series and the research for the yet to be published nine volume series Families of Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon account for the bulk of the records added.  Additional database records came from family trees submitted in return for ancestor reports. Those reports ranged in size from a three page 4-generation report to a 543 page 48-generation book. The number of ancestor reports rose from 59 in 2011 to 80 in 2012. Some ancestor books were converted from English into Spanish. One ancestor book was created for my Kindle reader. Not quantified, yet very important, are the countless corrections to the records some of which extended lines, others shortened lines and still others re-routed them. The introduction of my Top 20 mtDNA list was a huge success. Expect a similar list for y-DNA sometime in 2013.

 I am thinking of converting the Slaves of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico book, which is in a pdf format, into a Kindle reader format and am interested in learning if there is any interest for it. If you read books with an electronic device other then a computer let me know what you think.

 Thank you all for your support.

Best Regards,

Crispin Rendon

If interested you can download all of Crispin’s books on one of my previous posts DNA and Genealogical Books-Reports. Can’t wait for him to publish Families of Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon. Keep up the excellent work Mr. Rendon!

Pablo Tamez Leal and Maria Ygnacia Cavasos Garcia, 1811 Church Marriage Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

 The following is the 1811 Church marriage of my 4th great grandparents Pablo Tamez Leal and Maria Ygnacia Cavasos Garcia. They got married in Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Pablo’s parents are listed as Juan Angel Tamez and Anna Maria Leal. Juan was listed as diseased. The parents of Maria Ygnacia are listed as Esteban Cavazos and Juana Francisca Garcia. Both of them are also listed as being from “Hacienda de los Rodriguez”.

Cut out of original image:

 Pablo Tamez and Maria Ygnacia Cavasos, FamilySearch, Santiago, Marriage, 1811, Pg.70See Original

Transcript of above image:

 No. 44 D. Pablo Tames con Da. Ma. Yga. Cavasos espls. en 8 de Mayo de 1811

En esta Parrochia de Santiago de Guajuco en ocho de Mayo de Mil ochocientos y once a. el Br. D. Jose Angel Cavazos este de Cura, practicadas sengun [?] las Diligs. matrimoniales, y haviendo procedido las amonestaciones en castisas Parroquiales de lso tres Dias festivos, qe. fueron el veinte, y ocho de Abril, primero, y ttres de Mayo, y no haviendo resultado impedimto. pa. el Matrimonio, Caso y Velo, infacie eclecie, y en tiempo debido a D. Pablo Tames espanol origo. y vezo. de este valle en la Hazda. de los Rodriguez, hijo legmo. de D. Juan Angel Tames difto. y Da. Anna Maria Leal, con Da. Maria Ygnacia Cavazos espanola del mismo origen, y vecindad, hija legma. de D. Esteban Cavazos Difto. y de Da. Juana Franca. Garcia: Fueron sus Padrinos D. Seferino Tamez, y Da. Ma. de Jesus Tamez, y testigs. el mismo Padrino, y D. Juaqn. Rodriguez. Y pa. qe. conste lo firmo.

Jose Estanislao Cantu

Source: FamilySearch.org

Narsizo Perez and Juana Francisca Tamez, 1841 Marriage in Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The following marriage record is of my 3rd great grandparents Narsizo Perez and Juana Francisca Tamez finally brought down a two year brick wall. Turns out that familysearch had the microfilm needed but unfortunately they only digitized half of the roll. I had contacted them over a year ago and was told that the problem had been forwarded to their engineers  I know I could have just ordered the film but the problem was that there is no familysearch library near me so that was out as an option. Tomorrow I’ll be posting about and recommending the person that got this image for me. For now lets talk about this image. Fortunately for me this image provided me with the parents of Narsizo as being Anselmo Perez and Rita Rodriguez and the parents of Juana Tamez as Pablo Tamez and Ygnacia Cavazos. If anyone has the same ancestors as me please contact me would love to trade information.

Cut out of Original Image:

Transcript of above image:

Numo. 595. Narsizo Perez 378 Juana Tamez Mayo 1841

En esta Yglesia Parroquial de la Villa de Santiago en 1 o de Mayo de 1841: Practicadas las Diligencias Matrimoniales, Leidas en tres dias festivos inter Missarum Solemnia las moniciones qe. previene el Santo Concilio de Trento, y fueron en Domingo 18. Domingo 25. de Abril, y Domingo, 2. de Mayo, y no habiendo resultado ningun impedimiento canonico, Mi Vicario El Presbitero Br. Don Juan Bautista Zambrano, Caso y Velo in facie Eclesie y en tiempo habil. a Don Narcizo Perez, hijo legitimo de Dn. Anselmo Perez, Difunto, y de Da. Rita Rodriguez; con Da. Juana Tamez, ambos de esta feligrecia, hija legitima de Don Pablo Tamez, y de Da, Ygnacia Cabazos; fueron testigos matrimoniales Don Ysidro Garza, y Dn. Froylan Cabazos, y pa. qe. conste lo firme.

Jose Ma. Nuin

Source: FamilySearch.org

Jose Narciso Perez, 1810 Baptism in Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The following is the 1810 baptism of my 3rd great grandfather Jose Narciso Perez. The document below indicates that he is the son of Anselmo Perez and Maria Rita Rodriguez. If you happen to know who are the parents of Anselmo and Maria Rita send me an email.

Cut out of original image:

See Original

Transcription of above image:

N. 29 Jose Narciso espanol. en 3. de nbre. de 1810

En esta Parrochia de Santiago de Guajuco en tres de Nbre. de mil ochocientos diez as. Yo el Br. D. Jose Estanislao Cantu Cura Propo. de este Valle, Bautize solemnemente a Jose Narciso espanol parvulo de seis dias de nacido, hijo legimo. de Anselmo Peres, y de Maria Rita Rodriguez vezinos de las Labores de la Cieneguilla de esta jurisdiccion: Fueron sus Padrinos Jose Anto. Cavasos, y Maria Juana Salazar, a quienes adverti su obligon. y parentesco espiritual. y pa. qe. conste lo firmo.

Jose Estanislao Cantu

Source: FamilySearch.org


Maria Juana Francisca Tamez, Baptism 1822 in Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The following is the 1822 baptism of my 3rd great grandmother Maria Juana Francisca Tamez in Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. This document indicates that her parents are Pablo Tamez and Maria Ygnacia Cbasos. It also indicates that they were from Hacienda del Cercado. If you follow the link you will obtain more information regarding Hacienda el Cercado.

Cut out of original image:

Transcription of above image:

N. 1678  Juana Franca. Espa. en 3 de Abril de 1822

En esta Parroqa. del Valle del Guajuco, en tres de Abril de mil ochocientos veinte y dos: Yo el Br. D. Pedro Anto. de Eznal, Cura Into. de Este Valle, bautizse solemnemte. y puse los ss. oleos y crisma a Ma. Juana Franca. Parba. Espa. de cinco dias de nacida, hija legita. de Pablo Tamez, y de Ma. Ygnacia Cabasos, vecinos de este Valle, en la Hacienda del Cercado: fueron sus Padrinos Jose Luciano Rivera, y Ma. Antonia de la Garza, a quienes adverti su obligacion, y espiritual parentesco; y para que conste, lo firmo.

Pedro Antonio de Eznal

Source: familysearch.org