2015 mtDNA Report

2015 mtDNA Report From Crispin Rendon

Yesterday I got a very pleasant surprise. I received Crispins annual mtDNA report. Bellow I have included his email with a link so that you can get a copy for your own library. Also please read the report in it’s entirety it is very informative and you can get a good overview of the importance […]

2014 mtDNA Kindred Group Report by Crispin Rendon

I know that you may be interested in DNA testing and I just received an email from Crispin Rendon on this subject. This email is very short but contains a link to a PDF document that I know you will find interesting.

mtDNA Mexican Surname Project Research

Please take the time to read the following email that I received form Crispin Rendon. If you are able to help please do so. This email is going out to the hundreds of people in my genealogy address book. I have created ancestors books for most of you. Our ancestors came from the Mexican States […]