by Moises Garza

March 10, 2016

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This is the mtDNA report of Cayetana Flores Valdez that was prepared by Crispin Rendon and it contains the first 10 generations of female descendants.

Below i included a portion of the introduction page so that you can get a first hand account from Crispin Rendon about this particular DNA report.

Here is what Crispin has to say about the report:

This is a part of a Citizen science project to identify the mtDNA of our kindred group ancestors. Maria Cayetana met the minimum requirement. That is what I told the late Ernesto Uribe some years ago after I created an ancestor book for him. Looking at his mtDNA line it extended from him back 10 generations to Maria Cayetana Flores Valdez. He was willing to have his DNA tested so we ordered a full sequence mtDNA test for him and waited for the results.

We know from the church records that Maria Cayetana married in 1707 to Juan Garza in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The marriage record did not have much information, anything about the bride and groom’s race or who their parents were. We know a lot about Juan Garza thanks to the 15 marriage investigations he appears in. Maria Cayetana appears in four marriage investigations, always as his spouse and never telling us who her parents are. Her children Joseph Antonio, Maria Francisca Javiera, Maria Gertrudis and Maria Josefa married cousins that triggered marriage investigations. All of these children were labeled as Espanol. All were related on their father’s side of the family. That was a good clue. Maria Cayetana was not part of this local Espanol gene pool. Her mtDNA test results C1c6 tells us that her mtDNA line is Native American. The kindred group database currently has 6,431 descendants of hers. Based on mitochondrial inheritance rules we have 504 females found in 10 generations with her mtDNA. This report has all 10 generations.

Ernesto, wanting to know more, purchased a family finder DNA test and learned that he was 7% Native American. Put another way; his 7th great-grandmother, Maria Cayetana was one of his 2,048 7th great-grandparents of which 143 were Native Americans. Actually, Ernesto descends from Maria Cayetana 2 ways and from Isabel Olea his 10th to 14th great grandmother another of his known Native Amercian ancestors 46 ways.

Get your own copy

Make sure to get your own copy since you never know. One day she may end up being your ancestors or someone you are doing research for.

Here is the link to download it:

Also, the report contains the results for Haplogroup C1c6. I went ahead and already added this report to the We Are Cousins DNA Project where you can find additional reports and or join the project or volunteer to help.

To read more about Ernesto Uribe check out our previous post: Ernesto Heberto Uribe, August 14, 1937 – November 21, 2015

Hope you find it useful and informative as I have.

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