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1675 Marriage of Gabriel Cervera and Maria Longoria in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

This is the March 10, 1675 marriage record of my 8th great grandparents Gabriel Cervera and Maria Longoria in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. I have yet to find out whom the parents of Gabriel are but the parents of Maria are Lorenzo de Longoria and Antonia Rodriguez . Their witnesses are listed as Cappan Ygnacio Parra Diego Rendon, y Juan Bap. Chapa. Continue reading

1675 Baptism of Francisca de Cervera in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The following is the baptism record of my 8th great grandmother Francisca de Cervera Longoria, christened 10 Sep 1675 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, daughter of Gabriel Cervera and Maria Longoria. It is interesting to note that the priest wrote her fathers last name as Zerbera. I have also seen it spelled Selbera. Continue reading

La Herencia de Los Longoria by Noe Gonzalez Salazar

Are you researching your family genealogy? Specially the ones with the Longoria last name whom were from the Camargo and South Texas area. If so, you might want to check this book out. It contains great Genealogical information and land grant information. This book also contains information on the authors other family lines all leading up to the Longorias.

Here is a description of the book:

The author relates the details of his research to try to make it clear once and for all the impossibility of the alleged paternity of the Spanish king Felipe V on one of the author’s ancestors , Captain Juan Diego Longoria, one of founding families 1749 , along with 40 other families , of Santa Ana de Camargo in the old Nuevo Santander . A few of the descendants of Captain Longoria recieved land fro Continue reading

La Grulla, Texas, San Roque Catholic Church

San Roque church lies in the center of La Grulla, Texas. According to Raul Longoria the San Roque Catholic Church was built in 1891 by Juan and Yrinea Longoria in memory of their son Eugenio who was killed in 1870. Longoria mentions that Eugeino never came back after leaving to go visit some friends and relatives in a nearby Las Cuevas (present day Cuevitas). He was found weeks later near Penitas Texas (about 10 mile further than Cuevitas) with his horse having three bullet holes, but his cause of death was never determined.

San Roque Catholic Church (Abandoned historic church) La Grulla
Tx. Photo is a personal photo of Moises Garza taken in 2003.

This is the same church which can be assumed with certainty that my wife’s great-grandfather Francisco Perez Lozano and family attended to. The certainty comes from the fact that they were Catholic and that this was the only church near where they resided. Also his son Vicente worked in constructing the roof on the new church.

San Roque Church Video by Jimmy Martinez

I want to thank my friend Jimmy Martinez for allowing me to add his video to this page. You can check out his other YouTube videos using the link bellow.