La Herencia de Los Longoria by Noe Gonzalez Salazar

Are you researching your family genealogy? Specially the ones with the Longoria last name whom were from the Camargo and South Texas area. If so, you might want to check this book out. It contains great Genealogical information and land grant information. This book also contains information on the authors other family lines all leading up to the Longorias.

Here is a description of the book:

The author relates the details of his research to try to make it clear once and for all the impossibility of the alleged paternity of the Spanish king Felipe V on one of the author’s ancestors , Captain Juan Diego Longoria, one of founding families 1749 , along with 40 other families , of Santa Ana de Camargo in the old Nuevo Santander . A few of the descendants of Captain Longoria recieved land from the Spanish Crown , in 1767 , of large dimensions lands north of the Rio Bravo , and as a result of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo left them on the side of U.S. territory.

Rumor reached the ears of Author in 1986 – a supposed inheritance derived from oil extraction in these lands and would be available to their descendants until the eighth generation , apart from a journey undertaken by the author to Spain , France and Portugal in 1989 , were the subject of his first book that did not exceed the family. In this his second he corrects errors and omissions that were incurred in the first step and discover how some of the best known names in the region are part of his family tree .

Cover of Book “La Herencia de Los Longoria”:

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 I came across this book just by chance as I was researching my own ancestor Miguel Lopez whom was the husband of Maria Gertrudis Longoria. Turns out his full name is Miguel Lopez de Jaen and is referred as el Mozo meaning that his father was also named Miguel Lopez de Jaen.

Let me just warn you in case that you are interested int his book. It is only available in Spanish. You can buy it at Amazon for as low as $3.99 for the Kindle or $18.00 on paper back.

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