Apolonio Contreras and Demetria Garza, 1874 Marriage in Starr County, Texas

The following is the Marriage Record for Apolonio Contreras and Demetria Garza my wife’s 2nd great grandparents. They Married back in 1874 in Starr County, Texas. Several years ago I found the parents of Apolonio on a family tree in ancestry but it is now long gone. Unfortunately I have not found any documents listing his parents […]

Francisco Perez and Paula Contreras, 1911 Marriage in Starr County, Texas

The following is the 1911 marriage record for my wife’s great grandparents, Jose Francisco Perez and Paula Contreras. I think I am spoiled by Mexican records but I sure was expecting a lot more of information on Texas marriage records. It does not list the parents, where they were from, and their ages. Is there any other […]

1866 Baptism of Francisco Perez Lozano In General Teran, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Jose Francisco Perez Lozano is my wife’s great-grandfather. He was the son of Encarnacion Perez Ayala and Dorotea Lozano Bosquez and was married to Paula Contreras. (View their Marriage Record Here) The following is an image of his baptismal record in General teran, Nuevo Leon, Mexico back in 1866. His God parents are listed as […]

Paula Contreras Garza – Marriages and Children

1st Generation 1. Paula Contreras was born in Jun. 1891 in San Miguel, Tamaulipas, Mexico and died on Nov. 2, 1921 in La Grulla, Starr, Texas, USA.  She was the daughter of Apolonio Crontreras De La Garza and Demetria Garza Solis. She married 3rd Francisco Perez on May 24, 1911 in Starr, Texas, USA. Francisco, […]

Photo of Paula Contreras Garza and Francisco Perez Lozano

This post is the first one that I publish in regards to my wife’s side of the family. The picture bellow is of Francisco Perez Lozano and Paula Contreras Garza, my wife’s great grandparents. I came into possession of this picture last month when I decided to go trough a box of things belonging to […]