Eusebio Garza and Paula Lopez

Photos of Eusebio Garza Lopez and Paula Lopez Garza

Growing up I heard stories about my great grandparents. Stories that even though may be short they are part of our family history. I always remember these stories and could never put a face to them, until yesterday. Yesterday I had an awesome surprise. My cousin Martha Garza posted photos on Facebook of my paternal […]

Hilario De Leon Duron and Maria Isabel Garcia Gonzalez

The following image was shared by Juan Jesus de Leon. It is a photograph of his grandparents Hilario De Leon Duron and Maria Isabel Garcia Gonzalez. Juan stated that both of his grandparents are from Hacienda San Bartolo Cadereyta Jimenez, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Hilario is a direct descendant of Captain Alonso de Leon. As a matter of […]

Photo Of Pedro Marroquin Perez and Maria Amalia Gonzalez Guerra Circa 1950

Many of you already know that my Garza’s were originally from Arcabuz, Tamaulipas, Mexico and about a year ago I came across a facebook page titled “Yo Tambien Soy de Arcabuz Tamaulipas“. I followed that page until the administrators moved it to Facebook Groups and titled it “Yo tambien soy de Arcabuz“. From time to […]

Photo of Paula Contreras Garza and Francisco Perez Lozano

This post is the first one that I publish in regards to my wife’s side of the family. The picture bellow is of Francisco Perez Lozano and Paula Contreras Garza, my wife’s great grandparents. I came into possession of this picture last month when I decided to go trough a box of things belonging to […]