Photos of Eusebio Garza Lopez and Paula Lopez Garza

Growing up I heard stories about my great grandparents. Stories that even though may be short they are part of our family history. I always remember these stories and could never put a face to them, until yesterday. Yesterday I had an awesome surprise. My cousin Martha Garza posted photos on Facebook of my paternal great grandparents. As you may already know since I have mentioned this earlier, I had no idea that photos of them existed. Even thought the digital copies that she sent me are not that great they are still a treasure since they are my ancestors.


Eusebio Garza Lopez – About late 1930’s

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Paula Lopez Garza – About late 1960’s


This is the fourth or fifth time that Facebook has helped me find photos of my ancestors. If you still don’t have Facebook I highly recommend that you join and add all of your cousins and distant family members since you never know what you are going to find. Down the road on latter posts I will repost these photos and include some stories to go with them. Let me know in the comments what you think about these photos or let me know about photos that Facebook has also helped you find.


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